Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Remembering Bob Jenkins

Who for Mwah, will Always be The voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway…


Won’t go into the whole Wooly Irony thingy’, other than it’s ironic that when I last mentioned Bob Jenkins name on No Fenders, Sadly it would be the very same day he died from Brain Cancer at Age 73. Thus it naturally seemed appropriate to wait until the just concluded IndyCar NASCAR Double Header weekend at Bob’s favourite Haunt to mention this news.


As Robin Miller, who we all know if fighting his own fight with Cancer and Leukemia, gave a wonderful tribute to Bob during Saturday morning’s IndyCar Pre-race show on NBC Sports…


For Mwah, bob as the lead Announcer with BP’, aka Benny Parsons and Ned Jarrett alongside made watching NASCAR quite palatable, which being an Open Wheel Racing Fan speaks volumes, as they were my favourite Roundy round TV Broadcast Crew! Since Bob never pontificated Thar Duh Greatest Drivers in the World like Mike Joy does. And he certainly never stooped to the Hijinx of ‘Ol DW’s boogity-boogity-Boogity…


As I’ll let IndyCar Curmudgeon ‘Ol r’, aka Robin Miller recount Jenkins career path to Speedway Stardom instead.




As I truly didn’t appreciate Bob’s immense Broadcasting Talents until he became the Anchor of the Versus/NBC Sports Network IndyCar TV Broadcasts between 2009-2012, when he retired at season’s end to take care of his wife of 44 years Pam, who ultimately Died from Brain Cancer herself in October, 2012. As what are the Odds of both of them dying from Brain Cancer?


As it’s somewhat funny to note that I scribbled some words here on No Fenders eleven Gory years ago Defending bob, since apparently somebody had Attacked him verbally, for which I still Don’t know what their ridiculous complaint towards Jenkins was.


Since the more times I heard bob on Don Kay’s ‘lil Autosport Radio show over the years, the more Bob became a truly Humble, Caring and Passionate Fan of Auto Racing to Mwah, not to mention just being a Stand Up guy!




And now that it will b 20 years ago this September when I made my Debutante Trek to Mother Speedway Thanks solely to Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen, her wonderful Hoond Sarah and ‘Ol blue’, her Ford Econoline Campervan, having driven Coast to Coast for that year’s United States Grand Prix. I can no longer recall if the Great Tom Carnegie was talking over the IMS Public Address system that long ago Fall weekend?


Since now in my memory, I’ve only heard Dave Calabro as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s PA “voice” in person, for which Calabro is instantly recognizable to Mwah, and does a great job, but he just doesn’t Ooze Passion for the Speedway the way Jenkins does!


Since for Me Bob Jenkins is the voice I always wanted to Hear the Most over Mother Speedway’s loudspeakers, since he epitomized the Brickyard for Mwah! As what did ‘lil Al (Unser) once famously say? You just don’t know what Indy Means!” For which I’d say Jenkins surely did!


Salute Bob!


As here’s the great video montage put together for Bob’s retirement from the (Versus) NBC Sports  TV Booth in order to take care of his Ill wife Pam, with Professor B’, aka Jon Beekhuis Heaping rightfully glowing Praise upon his colleague…