Monday, August 16, 2021

The Dinger’ Pulls Off Mega’ Upset at Indy

As A.J. Allmendinger Wins at The Speedway!


Having a late lunch, I decided to Tune In to Big NBC to See’, Err Hear who’d won the inaugural Brickyard NASCAR Race on Mother Speedway’s infield Road Course when the race should have been over…


Turning on thy Telie’ without any clue of what had happened, albeit was I really surprised Thar had been some major Mayhem since rubbin’s Racin’, el Correctomundo? But I’d missed “The Big One” and didn’t know what the Talking Headz’ were droning on ‘N on about. Just mentioning how we’d eventually be going to OT for a Green Wite 2-lap Shootout whenever racing resumed, Yeehaw!


And I’d only tuned into the start of the prior day’s RASSCAR cup Lite event since Ye Dinger’, nee A.J. Allmendinger, who’s less than flattering nickname once was Walldinger! Was competing, since I’m a Huge Fan of his! Yet I turned off the TV in disgust after Allmendinger had somehow inexplicably missed two turns at the beginning of Saturday’s race and fallen down the order. But it would have been fun hearing Team Penske’s Austin Cindric singing Back Home Again during his victory cooldown lap!


Thus finally going back to Green Sunday in what was called the Verizon 200 at The Brickyard, A.J. was starting seventh, and one of the two Driver Analysts, i.e.; ‘lil Ironhead, nee Junior’, aka Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jeff Burton, for which I think it was burton who said Don’t rule out Allmendinger, he’s got fresh tyres…


Green-Green-Green and Thar three, four or is it five wide into Turn 1? As A.J. quickly leapt to third before carnage ensued behind when Michael McDowell went Airborne after hittin what was left of the Turn 5-6 complex’s Kerbs’, which were intended to keep racecars Ontrack and Not Shortcutting the circuit! But apparently Dem’ Heavy ‘Ol Taxicab bombers had been Hitting ‘em Hard All race long and Done Torn ‘em Up! With another Red Flag being thrown to clean up the Mess. As it wasn’t until way after the race I learned that the Stock Cars had made the Kerbs Explode!


So now I was sittin’ on the couch with fingers crossed Chanting C’mon Allmendinger! Before all Hell broke loose again, with leader Denny Hamlin getting punted by rookie Chase Briscoe and as A.J. later commented, the Seas simply Parted and he knew he just had to Check Out and not let the pack catch him, as Allmendinger would only lead the final two laps to claim one of his biggest wins, having won the 2012 24 Hours of Daytona with Justin B-I-G Unit’ Wilson for Mike Shank.


And may be I’m easily swayed these days, but I just couldn’t get over thinking how Classy of a guy Allmendinger is. Since after his Mega’ celebratory Doughnuts Burnout, in Victory lane A.J. said This One’s for You Robin Miller, We Love You Man! Keep Fighting, and for the late bob Jenkins!


Along with Shouting Oh My gawe, I just Won at Indy! Shank I wanted to be like You! Referring to his “Good Buddy” Mike Shank Winning the Indianapolis 500!


As Crash Gladys of Speed Freaks noted Sunday Night, two former Team Penske Drivers had won at El Capitano’s (Roger Penske) racetrack! Hulio the Indy 500 and Allmendinger the “Brickyard 200” this year…


A.J. also told the Freaks he Didn’t want to point any fingers at anybody, but said in the Cup Lite Cars they’ve got a minimum ride height limit, whereas Cup Cars are Slammed to the ground! And it’s your job as a Driver to know where the Kerbs’ are and what they’ll do to your underside if you Hit ‘em! As A.J. said he tried to always not use very much of the Curbing in the Cup Car…


Allmendinger seemed truly Humbled to be in victory lane at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, having just etched his name in the History Books as the inaugural winner of the Brickyard 200 on the IMS Road Course.


Afterwards, Kyle Petty asked him what were you saying to Roger Penske? I was just telling him how Mad I was for losing to him yesterday, as I never got a good shot at winning the Xfinity race. But I’d say winning the Brickyard 200, only his second ever NASCAR Cup victory had to be miles and miles more Sweeter!


Since like Crash said, What Seatbelt? Referring to his leading the Indy 500 in 2013 for Team Penske before he had to Pit due to his Seatbelts Unbuckling, to which A.J. replied; You just don’t know was that your one shot at victory there? Or was it yesterday when I really felt like we had the car to beat in the Cup Lite race? As you just never know when you’ve used up your chances…


As how Cool is this? I’m sitting in the IMS Infield in my Motorhome and Doug bowles rolls up in a Corvette to give me my ring, and I’m just sittin’ here with a Brickyard Winners ring on my finger!  


Whilst I’ll guess that Almost Everybody’s Forgotten about the Nashville IndyCar race after the NASCAR Monster Cup Debacle at Mother Speedway, Righto? As Monster’s definitely the perfect title sponsor, Yeehaw, Wham, Smash!