Friday, July 9, 2021

Thinking of Robin Miller

As others in Ye Blogosphere have written previously, whether you love Him or Hate him, ‘Ol R’, Ye Curmudgeon of IndyCar’s, aka Robin Miller has been a constant voice, be it on Television, in thou Ether’, either in Interviews with such Folks as “The (Speed) Freaks,” Radio with such luminaries as JMV’ (John Michael Vincent) or via his weekly contributions on Robin Always knows what’s the latest going on in IndyCar and usually Breaks many News stories first, and is typically right when he throws something at us we’re not thinking of…


Cannot say when I truly became a Fan of his, albeit at the very latest when I had the pleasure of being introduced to him in the IMS Media Center Wayback in 2009. Although I knew of him previously, having followed him weekly since at least ’06 when I began this No Fenders Blog, which he even granted me an Interview for.


Having always enjoyed Miller during his SPEED TV Days , and looking forward to his participation on Ye ‘Ol Windbag’ Dave Despain’s Wind Tunnel TV Show, or The Speed report with Bob Varsha. While I can still recall him hosting the Reunification Press Conference on Speed when Champ Car and the Indy Racing League announced their Mergification in February, 2008.


And I’ll confess that I’m not a regular reader of his weekly Racer Mailbag column, specifically since my Putrid Zoomtext Fusion 2021 Screen Reader’s so Persnickety and I could almost never get it to go to the next page, albeit I’ve finally figured out a Work around solution to that problem, but I digress…


And although I enjoy writing about the constant Salt spray ‘O Synchronicity misting over me here on thoust Isle of Nofendersville, I did find it funny that I’d just posted two wacky, Zany non racing related Posts here on No Fenders about my Longs Donutz’ Holes Baker’s dozen-plus Musak’ selections. With the title being a nod to Robin Miller who once regaled  Mwah about taking Juan Pablo Montoya a dozen of these famous Doughnuts at Mother speedway’, Arse-sumedly Miller’s favourite Haunt prior to perusing Wednesday afternoon.


Thus if you checked in to read Miller’s latest Mailbag edition this week, you know you were greeted by a message to Robin Miller’s Readers informing us that Robin’s currently fighting a serious Illness and they’ve got No idea if or when the Mailbag will return…


Obviously this implies that Robin’s fighting some serious Health issues, and I’d like to believe I can speak for All of my loyal, remaining No Fenders readers that we wish Robin a Speedy Recovery!


Get Well Soon, Robin!