Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Top 10: A Veritable Baker's Dozen's Plus 'O Car Songs, Take 2!

Yeah, I never was real good at Ah-Countin', Y'all! Since two Baker’s Dozen would equal 26 Me Thinks, and that’s the Car Number I currently like least in IndyCar’s! So we’ll see if you can figure out what Driver’s number I chose instead…


Yeah, like much of Ye Nation, and Globe, guess what happens when you've got Cabin Fever-itus' occurring? Yep, Yuhs come up with another riveting Top 10 list, which 'Ol David Letterman immortalized with his now somewhat forgotten nightly Late Show Top 10 lists many years ago…


Full disclosure, when I originally watched, err listened to the latter portion of Bullitt now over a Gory year ago, I began thinking 'bout many things Car related during thou COVID 19 Lockdown last March, which Shot me down this Wabbithole', but was further weigh laid whilst ceaselessly trying to resolve my winDOUGHS 10 Zoomtext 2020/Zoomtext Fusion 2021 Screen Reader issues, along with the Bastardized Blooger’ redesign, BARF! Before getting lost when Poondin’ Out other riveting No Fenders stories here upon Ye Isle 'O Nofendersville for your Dining pleasures.


And like All of my Zany top 10 list categories, this one's just what Sprung to mind initially, with No Heavy Deliberations and was my First Take, enjoy!



Surfs Up'

Was gonna G-O with Wax On, Wax Off', but thought it may cause some Gutter Thoughts by the Fringe Elements of my readership, Eh? As you'd have to say that the 1960's California Cool and Surfing Scene was Highly Instrumental in the Car Culture's Musical Genre.


No. 21 Fun, Fun, Fun

Artist: The Beach Boys (1964)

Yeah, you're All gonna wanna take my Keyboard away, Righto? As here's another of this most instrumental Band's five songs making Thy No Fender Charts, the most by any Artist, Naturally…


20. No Sugar Tonight

Artist: The Guess Who (1970)

Had to include a Guess who song in my Zany Car songs lineup, specifically since I always mistakenly think they’re the Band who sung Radar Love for reasons unknown. And you’re probably gonna need a Coffee to keep reading my whole tally of songs! Then again, you might be thinking of Golden Earring’s other “Hit” song Twilight Zone after reading this, Hya!



19. I Get Around

Artist: The Beach Boys (1964)

Yeah, for obvious reasons, The Beach Boys feature prominently in this two part Harmony, Uhm my meandering Top-10ish Car Song melody, err tome. Since after all The Beach Boys can arguably be claimed as Thee Band that pushed Surf Rock to the Top of it's Wave, Hang 10!


18. Mennonite Surf Party

Artist: The Rev Billy C. Wirtz

Continuing on this humorous theme of Surf Rock and Good Driving music, I had little trouble coming up with the presumably 'lil known Reverend Billy C Wirtz, who's one of my favourite Off-beat Artist's upon first hearing his most famous song Roberta a long time ago on a long Defunct Seattle Radio Station called KXRX.


As I first learned of this song years ago via Zed Internets showing a live performance somewheres' in presumably a non descript Hotel lounge when On the Road. And I chose this song over his more Down-tempo Grandma's Behind the Wheel since it's Surfing related, which always ties in with Hot Rods, Righto?


17. Surfin’ U.S.A.

Artist: The Beach Boys (1963)

Yeah, another Beach boys song. Hey, after all they’re the impetus for this Wacky Top 10X2 No Fenders list. As I needed one more song to get to my final number, and how can you go wrong with Surfin’ U.S.A? Especially since it was considered the No. 1 Song of 1963 for awhile…


16. Legs

Artist: ZZ Top (1984)

How could I not include this amazing 'lil 'Ol Texas Crunch Trio and one of Thar Hit Songs from their Mega Hit Album Eliminator, which features that iconic ZZ Top Billy gibbons Hot Rod on it's cover. Since Y’all know how Billy likes sayin’ They got A  lot of Nice girls Out Thar, How How How!


15. Running Down A Dream

Artist: Tom Petty (1989)

This  is the only After-thought on the entire list, as it’s got a great “Driving vibe,” since I was trying to put the Pedal Down to Make Some time Indeedy! Since this “Overflow Parking” portion of my meandering Top 10-ish tome was definitely a ‘lil runaway Yeah Yeah Messer Petty…


14. Walk, Don't Run

Artist: The Ventures (1960)

As this list was constantly Growing 'N Growing inside My Internal Jukebox', I suddenly began hearing the melody to this song, which interestingly is the lone Instrumental song on my list, which made it somewhat hard to learn who the Artist was?


Originally Dean and The Surfers sprang to mind, which when I Googled that it responded with Jan and Dean. Nope, that Ain't It Kiddoes', and Yeah, I know I left out Wipeout intentionally. Which Y'all might be Ah-Thinkin' Whuh-Whuh-Whuh Wipeout when Yuhs read this Indeedy!


thus by various queries, I learned it was actually The Ventures who made this Hit the most famous version of the song, since reportedly it peaked at No. 2 on the Hot 100 Billboard ranking, Denied of the No. 1 Slot by Elvis Presley's It's Now or Never.


Whilst I had Zero Clue that The Ventures originated from my ex-Backyard in Tacoma, Warshington' Wayback in 1958, formed by Don Wilson and Bob Bogle. Hmm, Strange Days Indeed…


And Yeah, I chose Longs Doughnuts since it's one of IndyCar's Curmudgeon 'Ol r', aka Robin Miller's favourite foods, albeit we should All be Hankerin’ for a Milk shake ore even better yet. As ‘Ol Kimi Raikkonen would say, an Ice Cream!

As ‘ol Casey Kasem would say, the Countdown Rolls On…


To find out what Clocks in for selections 13 to No. 1. Please visit the following No Fenders link below.