Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Why is IndyCar Trying to Make It so Difficult to Follow their Sport?

Like previous IndyCar Title Sponsor Verizon used to say, Can You Hear Me Now? Uhm, where’d they Go?


Presumably by the time I finally post this on No fenders, it’ll already have been a Done Dealio’. (Since it’s been Obvious for weeks or months now, especially since the only “remaining” competition Pulled Out a long time ago…) And while I have very little against NBC’s production of IndyCar races, I have many issues over where they and IndyCar seem to be driving us, regardless of how GURR-REAT! Thar TV Ratings are.


Or no matter how loudly IndyCar’s No. 1 Puffed Shirt Mark Miles tries positively Spinning the new “TV” Deal. Since if It was truly as Fantastic as Miles will Pontificate, then not only would the entire season be Shown on Terrestrial TV, but they’d also be showing live Qualifying on Mainstream Cable Television…


The Funniest Ha Ha? Part about All of this is how El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske said himself in a recent Indianapolis Star interview with Motorsports reporter Nathan Browne, that IndyCar Needs Eyeballs on IT! Which is something I’ve been saying for quite awhile now.


Thus taking that into consideration, is this simply “lip service?” Kind of like the Drivers have been instructed to Always “Thank the Fans” and include their major Sponsors whenever speaking publicly.


Since regardless of what anybody in Ye Blogosphere says, the previous NBC Sports gold and Peacock TV Streaming services are nothing more than Paywalls! And no matter how “little” these services cost per month, that’s missing the point of how this completely Marginalizes IndyCar! As just take a look-see how much the Viewership numbers have Dramatically Dropped for Countries Across thou Puddle that have put Formula 1 behind TV Paywalls!


And countering  the Argument I get really tired of, with those in favour of Paying Extra to watch IndyCar’s vs. us “freeloaders,” there’s No such think as Free TV! And hasn’t been since the era of Ye trusty ‘Ol “Rabbit Ears” Television antenna could Freely pick up the Big 3 Television Networks!


Thus either we “cut the Chord,” which is solely a response to the Never ending monetary Increase in monthly Cable TV service Fees, or the consumer Pays More per month for the same basic Cable TV programming they were previously receiving, Seeing the Capitalistic Behemoths like Comcast effectively “double dipping” their revenue Streams!


And if you’re paying more, then shouldn’t you be getting the entire IndyCar season with the “A Team,” ergo Leigh Diffey, Paul Tracy and Townsend Bell vs. the Junior Varsity Squad of Kevin “Howling At the Moon” Lee and Townsend “I’m the Smartest” Bell?


Presumably being the only Blind IndyCar Blogger, I feel I have an unique insight into how the Digital World is further excluding those of us who cannot See the ever shrinking Colour Coded boxes that need to be selected, as just listen to Leigh Diffey’s Nauseating promo’ for How simple it’s to Use Peacock TV, BARF! As Just Scroll Down and select Detroit IndyCar race, Oh Never Mind! And that doesn’t even address the possibility of the User being Colourblind…


Hmm, may be this will be a good thingy’ After all. Since I’ve had to give up on listening to Friday IndyCar Practice sessions year’s ago when the previous TV Contract precluded them being available on the IMS Radio Network. And now, I suppose instead of waiting All day Saturday’s to “Watch,” Err listen to the Canned Qualie’ TV Broadcasts at Midnight interrupted by 69 Freakin’ Commercial Breaks for Glow In the Dark Helicopters! I can simply Quit wasting time on Saturdays too and just “focus” upon Sunday races instead…


Meanwhile, when trying to escape this Madness and go ‘Ol School and simply listen to the IndyCar Radio network via Zed Internet, or the nightly Trackside with Cavin and Keving, or Beyond the Bricks programmes during the Month of May, I simply gave up in Disgust with Emmis Communications Putrefied website!


First it was trying to make me Sign Up for something that my Zoomtext Fusion 2021 Screen Reader Software couldn’t recognize and “Read” to me. As I won’t just Click Ok blindly!


Then after several attempts at different Search Queries, I finally got onto their website, but when I repeatedly clicked upon the Listen (now) tab Nothing Happened!


And is the Emmis Communcations 93.7/107.5 The Fan website really that Retarded? As my Screen Reader repeatedly told me that I needed to Scroll All the way Down to the very bottom of the page’s right hand corner in order to select Play, WTF! As I needed to keep paging Down ‘N Down through every single individual episode of both Trackside and Beyond the Bricks which is absolutely Stupid! So I promptly gave up on trying to listen to either of these programmes this past May, buggers!


Then after waiting All day without “looking” at any Websites or listening to any of my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone news, waiting until Gory 9PM Pacific to “Watch,” Err listen to the Canned rebroadcast of IndyCar’s Road America qualifying, I once again tried “googling” for what Radio Stations Host IndyCar races to No avail!


Which was after Growling in dismay when listening to the Indianapolis 500 via WFNI 1075 “the Fan” via a “Backdoor” Internet web address and repeatedly hearing “Promos” for the “New & Improved” Indycar Radio website, SPEW!


And not so fast Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Although your website may be slightly improved? And I use the words may be loosely! Especially since I haven’t been to your website now for the past several years since it hasn’t been Screen Reader “Friendly” in an eternity, Sigh!


Nonetheless when I tried searching for Fast Friday’s event schedule, I got stuck in a repeated loop of whenever I clicked on Next, since I couldn’t get past Thursday even though I’d specifically querried Fast Friday! It kept kicking me back to Previous, i.e.; Thursday’s schedule, Bite Me!


And then like I mentioned, there  was the annoying promos’ for IndyCar Radio’s “New & Improved” website during the Indy 500 Qualifying weekend, although I think this redesign was done by the same people who made keeping your Indianapolis 500 Ticket Order the Same this year so G-Damn Difficult! El Correctomundo?


Or is this part of the vastly “Improved” advent of title sponsor NTT? As first when visiting the Official IndyCar website, which naturally isn’t conducive with my Screen Reader, Urgh! The first thingy’ that happens is being redirected to the new IndyCar Radio website. And every time I went Thar, it immediately made me try signing up for something that once again, Y’all know the Drill, my Screen Reader couldn’t Tell Me what it was? And like I said, I’m pretty adverse to just Blindly signing up for something unknown these days!


Yet if this unknown “Pop Up” was circumvented, then  the El Stupidio website would only allow me to Download the App, which I Ain’t running a mobile device and do NOT wish to Download some Friggin’ App on my ‘Ol School Desktop!


Ok, so I’ll just (Blindly) try going around this Bullshit and querry what local Radio Stations broadcast IndyCar races live, Righto? And the very first option that comes up for local Radio Stations is a Blank page that says coming for the 2020 St Pete race, see list below. Which of course Thar Ain’t Any Radio Stations listed and last time I checked, it’s past the halfway point of the year 2021!


But fortunately, after spending way too much time vainly trying to find a simple, easy to use and simply begin Streaming when I open the website like other progammes I listen to via Ye Intrawoods’ (Internet) like the Speed Freaks via Dallas’s 105.3FM The Fan.


Although it’s begun a Nasty Habbit of running an extra commercial randomly during the Broadcast, wiping out whoever they’re interviewing, Crap! Or Ahem, IMSA Radio which plays Zero Commercials during their entire Broadcast! But I digress…


Alas, I’ve finally managed to Crack Zed Internets and successfully listen to the Indy 500, Road America and Mid Ohio All via WFNI 1075 The Fan whilst IndyCar’s pontificating about How Great their current TV Ratings are, which just makes me really wonder how large of a “Disconnect” Thar is, and if it’s All just Noise in order to improve both negotiating Parties economic success since there’s only one major TV Network willing to continue Airing IndyCar, and surely I’ll get a Refund on my Cable TV Bill when NBC Sports Disappears…