Thursday, July 1, 2021

LE MANS: Toyota wins Third Straight in 2020 Parade of Pathetic 5 Car LMP1 Monty'

As can anybody Beat the Only Factory racing programme at Circuit de la Sarthe? And will the Hypercar formulae next year be any better?


Author’s Note

This is the second part of last year’s 24 Heurs du Mans tome that never got “Published” due to the aforementioned Hijinx of Blogger’com’s Bastardized redesign…


Yessiree Bob’, Bob's Your Uncle Mates, Oh Never Mind! Ho-Hum, cannot say this year's 88th running of le 24 Heurs du Mans was anymore riveting than last year's event, El Correctomundo?


For which if Y’all are interested? You can read No Fenders LE Mans: 2019 Post Mortem in the following link below.


Yet as dually predicted, Toyota Thrashed it's Meager LMP1 competition once again at Le Mans, winning it's third consecutive 24 Heurs du Mans by five laps ahead of the leading Rebellion R13 Privateer entry, which will become Alpine next year, Yawn! But more 'bout that at a later date - whenever I'm able to Post riveting No Fenders Blog stories Solo once again, But I Digress…


And if you're a Sports Car Geek like Mwah, then you'll already know that the No. 8 Toyota with Kazuki Nakajima, Sebastien Buemi and Brendon Hartley at it's controls won this year's 88th running of the 24 Heurs du Mans for it's and Toyota's third year in-a-row. Netting Nakajima and Buemi a Hat-trick 'O victories for themselves, with Hartly claiming his second Le Mans 24H win.


As I really Don't know how to look at or chronicle Toy-Yoters' Sports Car achievement, especially since they've basically had Le Mans All to themselves the past three years  with token opposition from under-powered normally aspirated Non-Hybrid Privateer efforts.


Although I suppose to Toyota's credit, they did stick around when the other manufacturers left under the Smoke Clouds 'O “Diesel Gate,” Cough Cough Porsche and Audi! Since how many would have "Tuned In" if this was solely a Privateer's Gong Show? And presumably the ACO was Desperate to have at least one Bonafied Auto Manufacture in its race…


Although I certainly didn't break my record viewing Duration for this year's event, i did begin a leisurely, enjoyable Day's outing of listening to the race in thou morning.


Taking Thy Green Flag, Err Viva la France Tri-colour Saturday (9/19) at 9AM Pacific with Thy Telie switched onto Motortrend TV as Background noise while eating Breakfast. And Nah, No Breakfast 'O Champions Jokes Here Mates, Hya!


Before I switched over to Radio Le Mans via Zed Internets' after nearly 3hr television viewing, and kept it on until round a Quarter to Eight PM Pacific when I finally grew tired of the inconsistent microphone volume levels, particularly lead Announcer Der Heindenmeier's, aka John Hindhaugh, who's my Numero Uno Racing Announcer.  


Yet I'd say this year's race will largely be remembered for the Ultra Narly accident TG' endured! Nope, Not that TG', aka Tony George, Psyche!


But French racing driver Tristan Gommendy, who unfortunately will forever be remembered by Mwah as 'Ol "Christian Comedy," an unflattering nickname bestowed upon the then Chump Carz' Driver by 'IndyCar's Curmudgeon 'Ol R', aka robin Miller.


Naturally I've got Zero Clue what inspired Robin's cruel choice 'O nicknames? As this moniker was anointed when Gommendy was a Champ Car World Series (CCWS) Rookie Pilote for the long Defunct PKV Racing concern Wayback in the series final year, 2007 alongside team-mate Neil Jani, who would later win the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours race for Porsche.


Tristan surely Ain't No Slouch behind the wheel, having won the prestigious '02 Macau Grand Prix along with that year's French F3 title.


He also took his solitary Pole position at Circuit Mount Tremblant during his partial Champ Car season. Along with a best Champ Car finish of P4 in his final outing at Circuit TT Assen, before being replaced by Oriol "Suitcase" Servia for Chump Carz' final two races that year.


apparently Gommendy holds the current Circuit Mont Tremblant Road Course lap record at 1:16.776. While ironically the fabulous Quebec racing circuit is owned by Racing Point F1, soon to be Aston Martin Racing F1 Team Magnate Lawrence Stroll.


But back to this year's 24 Heurs du Mans, where Monseir Comedy' spun backwards violently into the barriers at high speed, part of a three car incident preceded by the byKolles LMP1 machine losing it's rear wing and also pirouetting Off-track!


As Gommendy's spectacular crash caused major repairs to be made to the barrier, seeing a team of welders merrily lighting up the night sky with their torches, which implies to Mwah  that Armco steel barriers were Damaged, meaning the Shunt was on part of the public roads…


Presumably "so it Goes," since in the race's eighth hour, another Safety Car period would be required to remove/install the new barrier section! Following an extended "Slow Zone" to this portion of Ash-fault. As I'll let Racer do the Heavy lifting and explain the Hour 7 Melee in Detail instead, noting how Hour 7 went Into the Dark.


As the LMP2 Class would be a battle of reliability, with many competitors enduring incidents or mechanical maladies, with another current F1 Individual's outfit winning Class Honours.


As McLaren CEO Zak Brown's United Autosports, which he Co-Owns with Richard Dean's No. 22 Oreca/Gibson V-8 with former Formula 1 Driver and current Sky Sports F1 Pundit Paul di Resta alongside Co-Drivers Phil Hansen and Filipe Albuquerque finished P1 in the LMP2 category…