Monday, October 7, 2019

LE Mans: 2019 Post Mortem

The winning No. 8 Toyota TS050, with Drivers Sebastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Fernando Alonso being victorious for the second year in-a-row. (Image source:
As just cannot say I was very impressed with this year's Toy-Yoter' Whitewash!

As this year's 87th running of le 24 Heurs du Mans seems such a distant memory now, especially since I wasn't overly impressed by the lack of any true Competizione for outright victory this year. Which Sadly, reminded Mwah of last year's Toyota Beatdown!

Not to mention the endless Noise from some Smarmy Spaniard I call Fredrico Suave Cock-A-Doo-little Du' about winning the mythical Triple Crown; BARF!

Began listening to Radio Le Mans at 8AM Pacific Saturday morning. Programme Dumped twice within 15mins. And naturally Dumped during Scott Atherton's interview about IMSA's take upon new Hypercar formula, which I'd enjoyed hearing, especially since I really didn't know nothin' about this new FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) Formulae.

Then I noted that Andrew Marriott is a Super DUMB ARSE! Best part of entire race Broadcast I listened to was hearing Toyota Bad Arse Driver K-Squared', Y'all know Kamui Kobayashi who won this year's Rolex 24! Replying Dead-pan to Marriott: Why surprised? You're leading by 1min; why Surprised? Kobayashi re-iterated, sounding slightly annoyed, after climbing out of the leading #7 Toyota LMP1.

Keeping casual tabs upon the IMSA Brigade, I noted how the No. 64Corvette C7.R was out due to a Massive Shunt caused by a "gentleman Driver" in the Dempsey Proton No. 88 Porsche.

Along with scribbling the words Aston Martin's Nightmare. With its No's 97 & 95 both involved in accidents. After Corvette & Aston Martin were given BoP (Balance of Performance) Adjustments on race's eve seemingly added insult to injury.

Leaders @9:30PM Pacific, 8.5hrs remaining
GTE Am) #85-Porsche-Ferrari.
GTE Pro) #51-91-36
LMP2) #26-36-38
LMP1) #7-8 +1:18 over 3rd place #11. 248-laps completed.

On a trivial note, I jotted down that someone on the Broadcast? Had noted there were a total of 22 former Formula 1 Drivers with Over 1,000 F1 race starts competing at this year's Le Mans; CRIKEYS!

Ben Keating's No. 85 Ford GT led GTE Am class for several hours. since Keating jumped into the cockpit. With the lanky Texan joking they'd chosen the obnoxiously bright pink so they didn't need any lights in the cockpit to see at night; Cymbol Crash Puh-lease!

Andrew Marriot Good Morning. Yes, I've had a shave & put some moisturizer on ... Who bloody Freakin' Cares?

Other Pitlane Reporter Nick, Not Matt! Damon notes how uncomfortable sleeping in his rental car is; Yuck-Yuck-Yuck!

Yet I was so G-DAMN certain that Ho-Hum; YAWN! It'd be another 1-2 Toy-Yoter' Whitewash that I didn't even bother getting up early Sunday morning or tunin' in at All to listen to the final hour's procession. And only, finally, reluctantly decided to find out the results via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service late Sunday evening.

Yet the euphoria of FoMoCo's first ever "Customer" Ford GT winning it's class at Circuit de la Sarthe was very short lived, as it was soon discovered that it, along with one of its Bigger Brother GTE Pro Brethren were both Disqualified (DSQ) for Fuel Tank violations.

And now, in what I just thought of calling The Lost Years', we'll have to endure one more year of Toyota Crushing All opposition in the LMP1 Prototypes class for the 2019-20 WEC season before hopefully more than just two "coveted" Hypercars show up on thoust grid for the 2021 24 Heurs du Mans...