Tuesday, October 1, 2019

RETRO: Distant Thoughts upon Italian GP Outing Two Decades ago

Start of 1999 Italian Grand Prix. (Image source: atlasf1.com)
Like we All say each 'N every Day, Where does Thee Time G-O? Just Ah-Zoom-Zoomin' 'Ah-ways...

Although I still have wonderful thoughts about my Debutante trip Cross Ye Mighty Puddle as Claire Denotes it - to Europe now some Twenty years ago, much of them are simply Distant, Fond Memories in thoust Wayback Machine.

Sadly, I still recall forlorn Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) Aspiring Driver Gonzalo Rodriguez for the wrong reason. Primarily since Bizarrely I'd learn of his Death in Milan, Italy in the brief company of some Chap named Phil Hill; Momma Mia!

Although I'll confess, I had to look the race's date up to learn that September 11th, 1999 was a Saturday, which means I'd just returned from a Full Day's outing at Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

Hence, I think it's safe to say that I was simply too surprised over the News, not to mention the throws 'O ecstasy from the day's Qualie' outing to fortunately Not (stupidly) ask America's first Formula 1 World champion his thoughts upon a fellow Driver's Death, for which think of how that conversation possibly would have went; Aye Karumba!

As why is it twenty years later and I'm now ARSE-Suming that that weekend's tragic events over fifty years ago, on September 10th probably stayed in Hill's life forever, El Correctomundo?

Not to mention that it's eerily ironic that upon the same exact Date 17yrs later, Ronnie Peterson Died at Monza

when America's second only F1 World Champion Mario Andretti won His Crown.

America’s First Formula 1 World Champion – A Half Century Ago
Also, I now know that a Decade ago, I posted my thoughts upon this by noting it was a Grave Messer Hill whom informed us over Rodriguez's Death when entering our Hotel's Bar for some fine refreshments before going out on the town for Dinner the night before the 70O Gran Premio Campari d'Italia, ergo 70th Italian Grand Prix.

Hence, I'll try refraining from re-hashing those Fleeting memories over once again, having already scribbled 'bout some of 'em in another No Fenders tome.

Thus, whilst I sat in thou Dark Saturday morning wonderin' why I'd Broken My Curfew of getting up at Gory Dark-30 for Qualie'. Nonetheless the mention of the Tiafosi's passion for all things rosso made me recall when I'd been covered over with one of those monstrous Red Ferrari Prancing Horse Banners in those Grandstands!

Not to mention the sheer exuberation of running along the streets in Modena in hopes of seeing one of the Wailing Ferrari F399's practicing at Fiorano.

presumably the Shrieking three-litre Normally Aspirated V-10 we'd heard from the Ferrari Factory was Mika Salo, Deputizing for the injured Michael Schumacher, who'd Broken his leg that year at Silverstone - Before an Annoyed Italian Truck Driver Honked at us Stupidio Touristas to get Off the Bloody road!

Or Phil Hill Daring our tiny contingent 'O Tour group to try running Up as Far as possible upon the Monza Banking! Which I did briefly during Friday's practice session, when one of the Security Guards let us briefly stay there to have our picture taken, before ordering us to leave.

And the amazing Blunder of Thee Flying Finn! When Mika Hakkinen comfortably leading by "A Country Mile!" Inexplicably Spun-off and Handed an unexpected victory to a surprised Heinz 57', aka Heinz-Harald Frentzen driving for EJ', nee Eddie Jordan. Behind the Keyboard of his fully emblazoned "Yellow Jacket" Benson & Hedges Jordan 199-Mugen )Honda) V-10.

For which I recall my Grand Prix Tours roommate later sent me a VHS video-tape including when he'd filmed Mika-the-Finn Disgustedly throwing his Gloves onto the ground in Anger Trackside!

While everybody went home Delightfully Happy, since the Other Mika, nee Salo had brought his Scuderia Ferrari home in third place! While Irv-the-Swerve!' Err Eddie Irvine, now the unlikely Scuderia Ferrari team leader had come level on points with Hakkinen by finishing P6, with just three rounds remaining in that year's title fight. 

And now I can also recall how every single spec 'O land was occupied by the ravenous tiafosi! Even standing in the Trees, not to mention how crowded it felt everywhere I went those three Glorious Days at Monza!

As Y'all can relive this most enjoyable race in the following Youtube video, which weighs in just over Nine minutes length duration...