Monday, September 30, 2019

Ranking IndyCar's Greats

As now Thars' a Baker's dozen of Two-Times National champions...

Although I was ponderin' this prior to reading 'Ol R's, nee Robin Miller's latest Racer masterpiece. Where thou Curmudgeon 'O IndyCar's ponders over the Questione of which Era of IndyCar's Drivers were the Greatest?

Nope, instead I was Ah-wonderin' when Josef Newgarden claimed his second Astor Cup trophy, how many other Two-Times IndyCar Champions would he be joining?

Which my very Unscientific results garnered a Dozen Drivers preceding Newgarden, with the first to claim the feat being Jimmy Murphy in 1922 and 1924.

The rest in chronological order are Peter DePaolo: 1925, 1927; Wilbur Shaw: 1937, 1939; Rex Mays: 1940-41; Tony Bettenhausen: 1951, 1958; Roger Ward: 1959, 1962; Joe Leonard: 1971-72; Bobby Unser: 1968, 1974; Tom sneva: 1977-78; Al Unser, Jr.; 1990, 1994; Alex Zanardi: 1997-98 and Gil de Feran: 2000-01.

As that's some pretty Heady company Josef joins, as this Baker's Dozen includes a total of 16 Indianapolis 500 wins, which is now the only major item missing from Newgarden's resume.

Although Newgarden's got considerable miles to go to catch current Bad Arse Five-Times IndyCar Champion Scott Dixon! Whom also has three-times as many career wins as the younger Josef does.

As it'll be somewhat interesting to see if Newgarden can join the rarefied Air of Three-Times IndyCar Champions, albeit I'm rootin' for Alexander Rossi to stop the Penske Juggernaut!

Since currently only seven exist, i.e.; Jimmy Bryan, Ted Horn, Sam Hornish, Jr., Rick Mears, Louis Meyer, Bobby rahal and Al Unser.

As "Sam I Am" (Hornish) was the latest member to join this club Wayback in 2006. Whilst naturally, three Drivers were in thou Employ 'O El Capitano', nee Roger Penske. Meaning Josef's in Good Company towards doing so...