Monday, September 2, 2019

IndyCar's riveting Portland Pre-amble mimics local Cloudiness

Long-ago autographed (Sebastian Bourdais) le Hamburgular' Hero Card from the 2006 Portland Champ Car Autograph session. (The Tomaso Collection)
As Heaven's Forbid, thou race be Broadcasted on local Radio, whenever the thick layers 'O Clouds Don't Disturb my 'lil 'Ol Transistor radios reception...

Otay, so probably Nobody gives a Tinker's Damn, but I for one became thoroughly Disgusted over thou lack 'O Information available preceding this weekend's IndyCar race at my Hometrack of Portland International Raceway. Specifically thou lack of information preceding Friday's opening practice.

As I understand the need for Media Hype, PR Spin or whatever? But Seriously? Who the Foobar' was All I could say after spending copious amounts 'O time searching 'N searching in vain Thursday evening over who'd be piloting Carlin's #31 entry this weekend?

Like we All learned via Racer that Conor Daly would be driving the No. 7 Arrow SPM entry this weekend on Thursday, since curiously Marcus Ericsson was called-up for Standby Duty at spa Francorchamps. Hmm? Must be an injured Driver, Righto?

Yet Nary a Peep 'bout the Carlin situation as far as I could Discover via Zed Internetz', as Seriously? Carlin's IndyCar website didn't say one Bloody thing! And Ditto for Indy Cars Official Website or Racer; URGH!

As it wasn't until after Friday's first practice was completed at Portland and I reviewed the entire 23 Cars finishing order... Yeah, Nothin' about Jack Bloody Nige' Harvey either! That I discovered Good 'Ol Narly Pinball', aka Charlie Kimball in the #23 way down in P22, with Conor Daly Dead last; CRIKEYS!

Whilst Ye OLD-est' IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips; Hya! Once again Beat me to the Start-line, which Ain't too Hard to do! By noting how many current day IndyCar Drivers have previously competed at Portland.

Albeit, I did list All seven of them, plus two more here upon No fenders last year. With the only IndyCar Driver not participating this year being Robert Wickens.

Although I was Unawares' that 'Ol TK Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan's Ironman Streak for Most Consecutive Starts began at Portland Wayback in thou Summer of 2001...

And lastly, how will this year's IndyCar race at Portland compare vs. last year's? And will Thar be another surprise winner? Even though I'm rootin' for multiple drivers, i.e.; Alexander Rossi, Takuma Sato, Conor Daly, and Gasp, even Thee GURR-REAT! Santini, aka Santino Ferrucci...

As I haven't decided if I wanna try pullin' up the always hard to start Internetz' IMS Radio network Broadcast, or just G-O with the NBC Booth boyz' Sunday, Eh?