Wednesday, September 18, 2019

F1: With little Fanfare, Haas and Rich Energy finally Part Ways

As what's that Mr. Story? Yuhs say How-How-How, they gotta lot 'O Nice Girls where Yuhs are Slick Willie...

Although not surprising, especially with All of the Bombastic remarks made up to the British Grand Prix. Now that tempers have cooled and All the Lawyers have Dotted the T's and Crossed Thar Eye's, or however that goes, Eh?

As this certainly Ain't as Juicy an Outcome vs. what became Headline News Wayback in Mid July, when 'Ol William Story was having a Twitter War against the Haas F1 Team, who basically stood Mum on All the behind the Scenes Machinations...

Although Inquiring Minds wanna Know, where will Messer Top', aka William Story show up next? Perhaps as a rival F1 Team Owner? Said Ah-How-How-How, indeedy!

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