Monday, July 15, 2019

F1: Haas Energy Partner Fuels Novel Sponsorship Approach

As wasn't it Good 'Ol Uncle Bernaughty who said Any Publicity is Good Publicity?

Whilst All thou Pomp 'N Circumstance this past weekend at Silverstone wafted over the Circuit's new five year Dealio' for Thee British Grand Prix, a different sort of noise was being made in the Haas F1 Team's garage, and around thou Globe with the continuing Saga spinning round the team's title sponsor Rich energy, and who's really in control?

Presumably Y'all have heard the TWIT-er' tweet allegedly spat out by Rich Energy's CEO William Story last Wednesday, which started this whole affair, Righto?

As Messer Story, whom some in the F1 Paddock have taken to calling Mr. ZZ Top', apparently is quite the Bombastic Chief Executive of this rival Energy Drinks brand. Who's also claimed that His company shouldn't be sponsoring a Milk Float in Formula 1; YOUCH!

Then, the next day, Rich Energy thru Haas F1 made a counter statement saying that the company's Termination of its Title Sponsorship of Americres' Team was "Fake News!" And was  concocted by a Rogue Individual who they were in the process of stripping it's Executive privileges in Thar Company. Which reading between thou lines meant Mr. William Story...

Yet as 'Ol Hobbo', aka David Hobbs used to lament over Professor (Steve) Matchett having eyes as Sharp as a Rat's; Hya! Any of Yuhs Sharpe Dressed; Err sharp eyed Formula 1 Fans would have noticed that Haas F1 was running in its bespoke Black 'N Gold Rich Energy Drinks colours this weekend at Bloody Silverstone.

Where Herr Goonter', nee Guenther Steiner, Haas's Team Principal told the various media it was Business as Usual for Haas this weekend, and he had nothing else to say upon the matter, wishing to not get into a War 'O Words.

Yet Mr. Story, whom apparently has control of Rich Energy's Twitter account has continued his verbal Broadsides against Haas, claiming he's survived a Palace Coup and is still in control.

As All of this nefarious Twittering seems somehow just a convenient way of Messer Story calling Smoke On! As this Mythical Energy Drinks founder's Bravado can be summed up by a recent Court's Judge proclaiming Mr. Story isn't exactly forthcoming.

Noting when pressed upon confirming his claim of 90 million cans of Rich Energy has been produced. Mr. Story admitted cheekily that although they'd produced said 90 million cans, he never said they'd actually been filled with his product!

For which basically I'm left wondering if this apparent attempt to extricate Rich Energy Drinks from their title sponsorship of Haas F1 is simply in order to free up cash for the settlement it owes Whyte Bikes for the copyright infringement lawsuit it's previously lost? For which Rich Energy had Failed to Pay by the Court Deadline...

As several Clever F1 People have previously said: "Watch this Space!"