Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Tomaso Files: Lumbering On Beneath Summer's Cumulonimbus Skies...

Some clever persons row of inuksuit spotted on Whidbey Island by Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen. (The Tomaso Collection)
As who's Parade will No Fenders Rain upon Now?

Ironically, having just posted thou 4,000th Post here on No Fenders a Fortnight ago, on Thursday June 20th. Just hours prior to Summer Solstice, I found Thyself simply running outta Steam for conjuring up Oh, So Delectable Stories for your Reading Pleasure.

"Working at Perfect
Got Me Down on My Knees
success to Failure
Just a Matter of Degrees..."

VIDEO: Geddy Lee - Working at Perfect Song

As Y'all know the Drill here, Righto? When your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso becomes lethargic whilst Time Screams By... Feeling completely KNackered as Good 'Ol Darren "Dangermouse" Manning would say; Hya!

As it's really hard to believe it's already 12 years now since I met Darren Manning at McGilverie's in Speedway, Indiana at one of Don Kay's 'lil 'Ol autosport Radio shows...

Hence I'm foregoing my typical witty No Fenders Homily to thoust Mack Daddy El Stupidio BOOM-BOOM ANNOYING! Holiday 'O Thee Year!

Thus I found it quite Apropos, with more Salty Sea Foam tickling thoust Shores 'O Synchronicity here upon Nofendersville when beginning in earnest to unpack my cherished Diecast Collection into its Garage. A now well traveled IKEA Bookcase utilized as Thy "Supersized" 1:18 Display Case appropriately at the beginning of Thee Month 'O May.

As the thought struck Mwah after having listened to 'Ol superTex opine upon the Speed Freaks how He feels when May rolls around each year...

Although I wasn't aware of it when beginning, that I'd accidently placed the first two cars on "floor no. 6" in reversed order when trying to replicate how they'd appeared in Thar Garage spaces previously, preferring to work from top to bottom.

But when I got down to the row of Ferrari's on Floor 2. Hey, doesn't everybody "Own" a fleet of rosso Prancing Horses?

Somehow I'd inadvertently labeled them incorrectly, but was Amused to note that I could tell it weren't one of my All-time Favourite Ferrari's, thou legendous F40. But instead it must be the "Magnum PI" 328 GTB instead simply by feel as I lightly ran my fingers over the tissue paper wrapped vehicle in Questione.

As this unique method 'O discovery; Uhm, have I mentioned I'm Blind lately? Made me immediately recollect some Wisenheimer' pulling thoust Chain last Fall at the Rods 'N Rhodies Car show, telling me his Oh, So Clever rendition of A Scent of A Woman, which I've previously regaled Y'all in the following No Fenders tome.

And even funnier yet, when attempting to place my '97 Dodge Viper GTS/R racecar in its Grid Spot; Err parking stall, I was surprised to discover that it's front engine cover; Err Bloody Bonnet! Is completely removable, which I'd never known in the some two decades I've owned said vehicle; aye Karumba!

Lamenting if I'd been able to position it's hood back on correctly, or was it now lying crooked? And would anybody be able to notice this indiscretion?

Or worse yet, after carefully handling some twenty-plus 1:18 Diecasts with a cloth rag in hand to protect against fingerprints, I managed to dislodge the passenger side mirror off of that very same Kyosho Ferrari 328 GTB and was pretty Bummed over this! For which Thankfully, Florencian F1 Spotter Jeannie repaired for Mwah!

Along with asking me if I knew that a Black 'N White Mustang, a 1969 BOSS 302 No less was pointing nose-in, with its Hindquarters jutting out vs. the other assorted Mustangs facing forward's. Then asking me, Do you want me to fix that for you?

While I'll rightly catch Bloody Hell if I Don't Acknowledge Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen's Mega' efforts in getting me Moved, from start to finish. Including diligently packing and transporting All of my precious Artwork, along with securing Storage lockers for temporary moving and overseeing my entire move! Along with subsequently helping me unpack everythingy in thou garage, including All of my precious Diecast models...

As I've just got eight more Diecasts to park back in Thee Garage on Thar respective level's, with Floor 5 completely empty and Floor's 2 & 4 having one empty parking stall apiece. For which hopefully the Garage will be Full by the time this story Rolls Out, as I should be parking thou last of my GT 40's right about now...

HURRAH! It's Done! Although magically my "Pinky" finger discerned that either the tow strap, or the strap to secure the Bloody Bonnet on Thy Gold No. 5 Holman & Moody GT 40 Mk II has become Dislodged! For which I'll just say it's now looking a Wee Bitamyte' race worn, Eh?

Meanwhile, Arizona Bureau Chief Snowbyrd MJ' visited once again, and continued putting up thou Artwork for Mwah. As it seems a Wee Bitamyte' Karmic that 19yrs after purchasing a Nicholas Watts Monaco Ferrari F1 collage autographed by DER TERMINATOR', nee Michael Schumacher replete with Double Ought' - none other than at Portland International Raceway, was being affixed to my "Bungalow-by-the-Sea's" walls.

For which I'm totally unsure why, but Michael's current Sleeping status somehow caused me to become quite entranced upon wanting to know the outcome of Car and Driver's Contributing Writer Davey G. Johnson's whereabouts, having learned about his Disappearance when scouring the Magazine's June Online contents via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service.

As ironically I'd previously heard the Headline in Oregon's The Register Guard about how Drowning rise during Summer and to take precaution, also when perusing my Daily Newsline News Feeds. And then last night hearing about a prominent Football; err Soccer player succumbing in Lake Como...

As I immediately knew his name from only having had "My Gal" Lucy', My ARSE-STEAMED Screen Reader read me one of his stories some two years ago, since it was in a Digital Format that could be read via Screen Reader, for which I believe everything should be for those of us Blind or Visually Impaired, who are Denied the pleasures 'O reading Books, especially of Motor Racing tomes...

Alas, Davey's story stood out like a tall Douglas Fir in a forest of Deciduous Pines when accidently finding it upon my Newsline's Car and Driver Magazine option, which I suppose is also somewhat ironic that it was about his riding his Moto Guzzi to the Wreck Site of a Downed U2 Spy-plane, and the Death of one of its pilot's...

As Davey's writing was refreshing for its difference vs. the myriad 'O Cookie Cutter automobile Previews, Test Drives et Al. Not to mention having an enjoyable writing style for which I only wish I'd have been able to read; Err listen to more of his work.

Yet sadly, Davey's Body was found after having been missing for over two weeks in what is presumed to have been an Accidental Drowning...

Partial Song lyrics from: Geddy Lee
Song: Working at Perfect
Album: My Favourite Headache
Year: 2000