Monday, July 2, 2018

Red, White, Green and Defiantly Bleu

Hurray, Hurray, Hurray, It's almost time for Duh GURR-Reatest Show on... Climb aboard, as Taxi's are Waiting to Take You Away... (the Tomaso Collection)
Oh Swell, it's that most Noisiest time 'O Year here Stateside...

Ah, here we go, it's almost time for the moistest El Stupidio BOOM-BOOM! Holiday of the year, when everyone get's punch drunk and Blows countless wads 'O paper into Smithereens; SIGH!

As what better way to celebrate the fast approaching Fourth 'O July than with some eclectic Automotive musings, starting off with one of la Scuderia's most pristine racecars 'O Yesteryear, which contrary to Thar dominant hue, this one's blue, Not red!

As what's that Geddy?

" A pair of Dancing Shoes
The Soviet's are the Blue

It's the Red's
Underneath your Bed
Lying in the Darkness
Dead Ahead!

And the Mercury's rising
Barometer starts to Fall
You know it gets to Us All...

You see Black & White
I See Red, Not Blue
Can't we Talk about Something else Instead

I See Red-Red..."

As speaking 'O red, or in this case rosso, naturally many of the world's most  expensive Cars are Ferrari's, Ooh la la!

While lastly, since we're talking about noise, what better way to end this meandering prose by your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso, than with the Road & Track article sent to Mwah recently by No Fenders Moniker King Randal, which tallies Thar Best Sounding Racecars...

 Partial Song lyrics from: RUSh
(:The Unofficial No Fenders House Band")
Song: Red Lenses
Album: Grace Under Pressure
Year: 1984

(Photo c/o JD' Images)