Thursday, July 5, 2018

AUTOS: Rompin' Off into TV Land' with Marty McFly'

The proud Owners of their original, Bone Stock 1980's Delorean pose for the Camera in California. (The Tomaso Collection)
So what does really happen when you reach 88mph in a Delorean?

R' Mateys', once again, your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso's been Soaked by the  Seas 'O Synchronicity Swamping him Topside whilst on Walkabout round Nofendersville Isle...

Having previously ridden Home Shotgun in the "Silkmobile" this past January, albeit I prefer calling him Marmaduke; Hya! With Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen chauffeuring me back home via the Redwoods, Big Sur, Monterey, Sebastopol, Astoria and all places Northwards.

this is too priceless - to not post on Ye 'Ol BLOB' as thou Awntie' Harriet Christened it a zillion years ago...

Typically, I don't sit down for lunch this early. But Wayback on Mon, Feb 26th, around 12:15PM I did my usual of turning on Thy Telie' for background noise. whilst Eating lunch and running into the nauseating myriad 'O Commercials, I began channel surfing & SHUHZAMM!

Bouncin' over to the History Channel, it was their American Pickers show, and I came in mid-sentence to the guy named Mike saying you've got a Delorean? Can we take a look at it? WTF?

Hey Frank! It's from your Favourite movie... As these car's were weird & Nobody had ever seen 'em!

Mike Wolfe then gave a very brief recap of the Delorean DMC-12's history. Noting how John Delorean was a GM Hotshot Executive, who I know his previous claim to fame was the Pontiac GTO.

 Mike Mentioned how the car came out in '81 and was only built for two years. And with our country in recession then, nobody bought them, but now they're getting rare.

No idea what state they were in, since I came in the middle of the show's episode. Which although I was watching it on February 26th, I've since deduced it was a Re-run.

Since apparently the Official 2018 Season 19 didn't begin until April 9th, when episode #248 titled Adrenalin Junkies, ironically filmed in California aired. Since I'd just posted the picture of another famous car from California just days earlier...

And they'd already pushed it out of its garage when I tuned in, just moments before Mike sez' can I sit in it? sure, go ahead.

As he noted the Duo were Junior's in High School when the car came out, and now in their late 40's, they can afford to buy it.

Mike said Yuhs need a Shoehorn to get in 'N out of it! Let me know, has it ever been in an accident? Not to my knowledge. But let me tell you it's got a scratched up fender, which I bought a new one for.

Huh? You can still get parts? Oh yeah, you can buy a brand new 2012-spec car. A man in Texas bought everything & is building them...

As I've never heard this, but then again I really Don't follow cars too closely anymore, since I cannot see 'em...

How many miles on it? Think the owner said 15,000? (Or 16,000?) And how many have you put on it? 300 miles...

Then facing the camera, Mike sez' this is the worst thing for a car like this. It's just sitting , not being driven.

Now let me ask you, is it for sale? Sure, if the price is right. Ok, what's the price. Then the owner said Eighteen-five. ($18,500)

(Off-center from the other two men, Frank sez' for that price, It better come with a Flux-capacitor...) 

To which the man named Frank Fritz, who's called the "Bearded Charmer" said, how 'bout 8500 cash. NOPE, That's way too low. Tell you what, I'll go Fifteen-five, ($15,500) but that's my lowest number.

How 'bout $11,000 cash; NOPE! I've got two sons who are interested in the car... To which the two Pickers said they understood & walked away from their haggling. Ok, let's push it back in. To which afterwards, the owner said, I'm not gonna give it away. And if I am, I'll give it to my sons...

As Y'all can check out this Youtube' video upon the somewhat new DMCH Company's "Main Man" Stephen Wynne and his facility in Humble, Texas below. As wonders never cease, now having just learned that Thars' reputedly a new Delorean Dealership in Bellevue, Washington of All places!

(Photo c/o JD' Images)