Friday, July 26, 2019

INDYCAR: More Thoughts upon Iowa, Heat, Glare and Cockpit Temps

As wasn't it Bloody 'lil Syd Viddle', aka Sebastian Vettel who complained 'bout getting Dizzy when testing an early Red Bull Formula 1 Air screen prototype?

Now before Y'all get into a lather over the forthcoming 2020 INdyCar Airscreen, I'm Not intending to lampoon, criticize or bemoan the fact that Indy Cars will look radically different next year. After all, look how much effect my Bangin' on 'bout Halo got me...

Nope, instead, and surely; Hey, Don't Call me Shirley; Hya! Many people with much smarter minds than Mwah at IndyCar, Dallara and Red Bull Advance Technologies are already aware of these, and presumably other potential issues I cannot see or Think of, regarding the forthcoming Airscreen.

According to All the Shiny, Glossy PR Speak Hyperbole, this more robust Airscreen incorporates the Best of Both Worlds, i.e.; Windscreen and Halo. And it's proprietary "Polycarbonate" windshield has an Anti-glare coating, along with Heating element to prevent against Fogging-up.

Yet what I Don't understand is why was IndyCar willing to race at Iowa in such Blinding lighting conditions? As I'm Blind, but could actually see how F%%KING' Bright it was from Conor Daly's Onboard camera! Like I mean I just saw a completely bright Banana Yellow Television screen and Nothing else: Aye Karumba!

And let's not forget how Bloody Hot it was at Iowa until Mother Nature let go with a torrential Lightning Storm just before going Green! As I Don't remember what Driver they were talking about during the IMSA Lime Rock Sports Car race, but they were mentioning how the Driver's "Cool Suit" or "cool Helmet" Device had Quit Working and they were trying to get the Driver to Flip Circuit Breakers whilst in the midst of a car race; SHEISA!

As I only bring this up since pretty sure that a Hotter Cockpit was one of Scott Dixon's comments when testing the earlier PPG Industries version of Indy Cars "Aero screen."

And although this new 2020 Airscreen reportedly has a small Cooling "Duct" built into it, or does It? Since IndyCar says Dallara will offer a Cooling Option for Drivers...

Thus, will IndyCar Drivers now need to run some sort of Cool Suit next year? Which are fine until they Quit Working and then begin just circulating Hot Water!

And how will the issue of looking thru a windshield covered with multiple "Tear Offs," if so incorporated? Effect IndyCar Drivers vision in such Abysmal lighting conditions, be it Uber Bright or running in the Rain?

As will said Cooling Duct funnel unwanted water into the Cockpit and potentially Disturb various Electronics?

As Inquiring Minds wanna Know All of this, plus presumably more, since we're about to embark on the era of Non Open Wheel Racing racecars next year...