Wednesday, July 31, 2019

No Fenders Road Show

On The Road Again, as Sing It Johnny!

Yeah, I can feel All of your Dismay over your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso currently being in thou midst "O another Gory Holiday Mates! As Bloody Hell,  he takes almost as much time Off as the Speed Freaks do; Hya!

AnyHoo, just a very brief Jot' as 'Ol F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward would type, to let Yuhs know that I'm currently away from thou Keyboard of my trusty Selectric' here on Nofendersville, and will return sometime after August 4th, when my latest round 'O company Departs.

As certainly Y'all can find Somme-thun' in thoust Voluminous No Fenders Archives to Tide Y'all over 'til I return, Righto?

Whilst I'll leave Y'all in Stitches with Thee most Hilarious Joke my local Freddy's' Grocery Cashier told me recently.

Why Didn't Mozart like having Chickens out in His Front Yard?

Because they went Bach-Bach-Bach-Bach-Bach! Bach-Bach-Bach-Bach-Bach!

Hurry Bach-Bach-Bach Y'all; Hya!