Monday, August 5, 2019

Another No Fenders Request to Help Claire

Herbie, the Adorable Love Bug sits ready to Rock 'n Roll and G-O Racin' while on Display at the London Motor Museum during the Summer of 2016. (The Tomaso Collection)
Although I realize we're All inundated Daily with request like these to Help those in Need...

Howdy Y'all, it's me, your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso with a very simple request. Please read the following link below, regarding No Fenders Kuhnaidiun' Correspondent Claire's continuing fight against Cancer.

As Claire took the picture above and countless more for Mwah over thou years...

Which for those of you who Don't know, I asked for your Help in Claire's fight against her Brest Cancer last year in the following post, for which sadly, Claire's still mightily effected by the ravages of her ongoing cancer. As hopefully, One Day will just be a long forgotten, hard portion of her earlier life.

As I appreciate Y'all taking the time to read this note, and the first link above to Claire's latest web page...