Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Tomaso Files: Nothin' of Major Importance Missed, or was Thar?

Former United Rentals Special' (Back-hoe) outside IMS Museum) on Display - prior to Marco Andretti & Company's current sponsorship arrangement. Don't think it's a (DW12) Dallara chassis, unless from that earlier IRL Crapwagon's era? (The Tomaso Collection)
As Der Vurld' de Motorsporten Never Sleeps, Ja-Ja!

As it's been a Bloody long time ago when visiting the Dallara Factory, for which once many Moons ago, Yuhs could actually visit! Which I had the privilege of doing so, the very same year that it opened, and when CARPETS' snapped that United Rentals Rocketship' picture; Hya!

Whale Golleeeeeeeee...

Backhoes, Indiana, Get It? As Gooday Mates! And Welcome to another riveting No Fenders post, having Skee-Daddled Ah-ways' from !thou keyboard for a Gory Nine Days. Whilst the "House Band" gently played away when busily packin'. Whale', at least it's Lead Singer, as Take Off, Eh!

As I'm fairly certain if was Thee Rhythm Professor', aka Neil Peart who lamented Thars' only Two Seasons in Toronto: Winter, and Road Construction! In his long forgotten Book Ghost Rider that I actually physically read a zillion years ago.., having scribbled 'bout this a Decade ago!

"From the white sands
To the canyon lands
To the redwood stands
To the barren lands..."

Whilst Arse-sumin' this nearly 9mins video of Thee Rhythm Professor, who's drum solo has gotten more 'N more prolific over the years, which I've heard progressing over numerous Concert Tours, is from the R40 - Rush 40th anniversary tour circa 2015.

And I was so captivated by Messer Peart introducing me to MaryHill in his Ghost Rider book, that we went Thar for one of its Gory Hillclimbs!

While 'Ol Geddy's been afflicted by thou writing bug, having just released his first tome The Beautiful Big Book of Basses, or Somme-thun' to that effect...

As that Kuhnaidiun' seasonal retort came Ah-Floodin' back to Mwah when spending the day inside, the entire day of Tuesday listening to the Artwork on my Walls ceasessly vibrating, not to mention the Street as a gaggle 'O Boyz' played Construction outside, pouring a fresh coat of Ash-fault' over the entire street; Aye Karumba!

Leaving me ponderin' if I'd be able to get out of my Neighborhood for my Aeroplane flight Northwards, the following day! Which naturally none of this Destruction was known prior to Booking my flight...

As Only Road Construction can Stop the U.S. Post Office; Hmm? Rain, Sleet or Snow, but! Bloody Road Construction! As Thar wasn't any mail delivered for two Gory Days; Crikeys!

Thus it was very Strange hearing cars on my road for the 1st time in 2-days. After being momentarily startled by my neighbors garage door @6:15AM! when taking thou Garbage out. Hmm? If they're doing so, guess the Street will be open today?

Then continuing on with the Zany, Madcap Adventures of a Blind Man, naturally my Talking Clock finished talking' @6:26AM, when the AA Batteries Crapped Out; SHEISA! As I've got a Bloody Puddle Jumper Aeroplane to catch Back Home again, which thankfully was an evening flight.

As those were the riveting thoughts encapsulated inside thou Cranium before Flying to Thee Jet City', aka Seattle for the very first time since moving south to Oregon nearly a year ago. As ironically the Horrendous weekend of Pocono's IndyCar race marks thou exact Anniversary of said move to thy Bungalow By-the-Sea.

Although I Don't think it's "A New Track Record," But; I've now managed to miss the last three Formula 1 races. First electing not to bother Ah-risin' in thou Wee Hours 'O Morning to watch; Err listen to Golden Child', aka Lewis Hamilton wax the field again at Bloody Silverstone; YAWN!

Then I missed both the Mid Ohio IndyCar race and last German Grand Prix at Hockenheim. Arguably both the Best races of the season?Since I was in a virtual E' lectronics' blackout, i.e.; NO Television, albeit Claudio' graciously pulled up Highlighted recaps via Zed Internetz', so I got to hear Kevin Lee Screaming Oh Nooooooooooooooooo ("Mr. Bill) Once Again; SHIT!

Along with the Uber Wackiness that comprised the latest, and presumably last German Grand Prix for the foreseeable future, which currently has my nod for 2020 F1 Race of The Year; Ja Volt!

Then, although I'd intended to watch the Hungarian GP, it seemed destined to not happen. Firstly being Delayed a Half-hour due to some Amazingly Stupidio Little League Intermediate Baseball Championship of Alabammer' vs. Mexico, Ci, running late! Before le Duesh', nee ESPN2 promptly went to Commercial just six minutes into the Encore presentation; SHEISA!

Before I began feeling very, very Sleepy, beginning to "Rest thou Eyelids" as 'Ol Awntie' Harriet would proclaim. And thus decided to seek refuge in Thy Beddy-bye' with Maximum Hothead', aka Max Verstappen leading...

As the only real, important News that broke over my Holiday foray to Seattle was the welcome announcement of Alexander Rossi staying put at Mikey A's Squad.

Along with Indy Cars announcing its change to implement a token Hybrid engine system for 2022, instead of the previously status quo engine change slated for 2021.

Which brings us Full Circle, Pocono, Indy Cars, Left Turns; Hmm, Get It? To the News that McLaren and Arrow SPM have joined forces for 2020 - In case Y'all have been Hiding underneath a rock?

Although I'm still Not buying all of the PR Hyperbole over Hinchcliffe looking forward to Driving for Arrow McLaren Racing SP's Bowtie team next year. As surely Hinch' Ain't gonna also Piss Off Honder', Eh