Thursday, August 8, 2019

Now Where'd I Park my McLaren?

As I know it was right here just minutes ago...

Although I still haven't had "My Gal" Lucy', My ARSE-STEAMED Screen Reader read me the following article, which was sent to Mwah by Florencian' F1 spotter Jeannie. Nonetheless you've gotta laugh over the thought of having your precious Umpteen Thousand Pounds McLaren Towed off after only 10mins of Gory Ownership!, Righto?

Meanwhile, whilst playin' Ketsup with Ze Vurld de Motersporten, Ja-Ja! And checking to see what I'd missed in IndyCar Land, albeit I was first tipped off to the news via F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward and another of his always entertaining Grand Prix Notebook tomes.

It seems that McLaren's Pied Piper Zachery Brown's toying with us once again? As rumours suggest that a Full-time McLaren IndyCar project for 2020 is once again alive.

As Racer's Chris Medalin notes that Fernando Alonso would naturally be their first choice for Driver if the man I prefer calling Fredrico suave, aka Fred Alonso was so inclined to go IndyCar racing Full-time?

As Alonso's got Nobody but Himself to Blame for essentially being Locked-out of returning to any of Formula One's Top-3 teams, i.e.; Mercedes, Ferrari and Red bull. largely due to his toxic comments during his McLaren Honda Days. As certainly Red Bull wouldn't even consider taking him on now that it's a Hondre' "Works" F1 Team.

Meanwhile, Indy Cars OLD-est Blogger Geo. Phillips has once again "Scooped" Mwah, albeit that Ain't very difficult to do these Days; But I Digress...

As George pontificates that not only is McLaren at Zak Brown's behest considering a full-time return to Indy Cars next year, but is seeking the services of Colton Herta as its Driver, along with partnering with Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports - After their Indy 500 Debacle with Carlin this past May.

Yet I see two major Flies in thoust Proverbial Ointment with this Silly Season Fodder. Firstly, I'm led to believe that not only was Honda keen to keep Alexander Rossi at Andretti Autosport next year and beyond. But also keep Colton Herta on its Driver Rolls under its Andretti Satellite "B Team" Harding Steinbrenner Racing.

Secondly, we All know how much "Bad Blood" still remains between Honda Motor Company Ltd of Japan, the parent of Indy Cars Honda Performance Development, (HPD) and HPD's parent company American Honda Motor Company Inc. whom both report to the Tokyo Brass - and McLaren's  Brown & Alonso.

which I don't see this Angst dissipating anytime soon. So it would seem that a partnership with Arrow SPM would be a major stretch. Especially since they're Honda powered and James Hinchcliffe is Honda of Canada's pride 'N joy!

Thus it would seem more likely that McLaren could potentially join or buy out a current Bowtie runner instead, albeit theirs only four current Chevrolet Squads on the grid, which I'd hazard a guess that Carlin would be the most likely target of Penske, Ed Carpenter Racing, (ECR) A.J. Foyt Enterprises and the aforementioned Carlin.

Although I'll throw a wild Arce monkey-wrench into thou equation. Why not snap up the little Minnowesqe Juncos Racing concern instead? Who know how to qualify at Indianapolis...

Or going completely Wild Arse Bat Shit Crazy! An Arrow SPM-McLaren alliance upon switching to Chevy power and swapping Thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown for Herta? But Hey, that's why they call it Silly Season after All, El Correctomundo?

As you've got to give Zachery Brown credit for keeping McLaren's name in the Media Spotlight at the very least. Whilst it's a No Brainer for McLaren to Desperately wish to expand Thar Footprint in North Americre' - After all, they're trying to sell Road Cars, aren't' they?