Monday, August 19, 2019

INDYCAR: No Attack, No Chance...

Takuma Sato "Catchin Air" during his Lap-1 incident at this year's Pocono IndyCar race. Photo by Susan Phillips. (Image source:
Ah C'mon, Y'all knew that was Coming!

Whew! What an IndyCar race that was Folks! And that's Ah-Comin' from a Twisties', nee Road Course Devotee...

And while naturally Taku-san', aka Takuma Sato's getting All the Press right now, First 'N Foremost, I sincerely Hope that IndyCar will make the right call and return to Pocono next year!

As may be- I was just Starved for some Open Wheel Racing action after having gone a month without any motor racing, including missing the last three F1 events. Not to mention feeling that Iowa wasn't an overly exciting race...

As I'll leave it to other "Monday Morning QB's" to Dissect the Pros v Cons of Indy Cars racing at Thee Tricky Triangle, Ovals, Pack Racing and Catch Fencing. Since may be today's racecars are too Fast for the 2.5-mile Tri-Oval? But then again what about thou Brickyard?

And who are we to Decide on what Takuma and the other 21 IndyCar Drivers saw in the Blink of an Eye at Pocono! As Graham Rahal summed it up best noting how little time they have to react when entering a turn at 228 or 226mph...

As naturally, All that matters is that everybody, including Felix Rosenqvist, who had the scariest ride, along with Sato going Upside Down, both walked away Un-injured! After the Swede' was transported to Hospital for further evaluation.

Secondly, I'll admit I'm a Huge Sato Fan, and I totally Doubt He'd ever willingly take out a fellow Competitor, although naturally 'Ol Sealmeister B', aka Sebastain Bourdais is ARSE-Sumedly feeling' pretty Smug over his view upon the Japanese's Driving. As the two veteran's have not exactly been Best Mates lately.

Yet how quickly we All forget that Sato & Rossi were past team-mates at Mikey A's Squad in 2017, not to mention that year that Rossi sprinted down the Pitlane at someplace called Pocono to lean into Takuma's cockpit after wrecking to offer a few words 'O encouragement before Taku-san went out and claimed that year's Pole Position!

Thirdly, this just in, reportedly the Mayor of Hazleton, PA is giving (Townsend) T-Bell' the Keys to his City for his Yeoman-like Work of promoting his City tirelessly during the TV Broadcast; Hya! Although Obviously Alexander Rossi must be wonderin' if they weren't in Punxsutawney Phil's Backyard? And whether it's Groundhog Day again?

As Alexander's starting to make me think he's a Wee Bitamyte' Star Crossed en route to notching his Debutante IndyCar Championship a la Will Power was for multiple years, most notably vs. Dario REO Speedwagon' Franchitti. As Rossi seems out-manned by the Penske Death Star!

Although Kudos to Rossi for acknowledging he didn't make the Best of Starts at the beginning of the race. Since he simply didn't get outta Harms way at the Start!

Yet I'm not sure who gets a Mulligan more? As Josef Newgarden effectively reclaimed the 35-points lead over Rossi he would have, had he not pirouetted Stage Left at Mid Ohio three weeks ago, which thankfully Leigh Diffey got right Sunday; But I digress...

Whilst Adding Insult to Injury was Indy Cars call to issue Draconian penalties to both Thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown, nee James Hinchcliffe and Rossi, after the NBC Sports Booth Boyz' had read the Rulebook noting a Minimum of a 2-lap penalty for anyone working on their racecar during a Red Flag period.

Since IndyCar decided to Hammer both Drivers with 10-lap penalties for working upon Thar respective mounts Damaged in the First-lap Melee! Although I get the idea that IndyCar is simply trying to send a message that Rules are Rules to entice teams to Not Break them by working on their cars during Red Flags.

Meanwhile, the Star of the Race has to be whom I'm now calling "The Great Santini!" As it was another impressive race by the nearby Woodbury, CT Native Santino Ferrucci, who totally deserved a podium finish at Pocono, but had to settle for fourth place instead. Tying his season best result of finishing P4 at another Big Oval, nee Texas Motor Speedway. Not to mention being named this year's Indy 500 Rookie Of the Year.

And I'll admit this Kid's steadily grown upon Mwah this season, and Y'all may accuse me of jumpinhg on the Santino Fandango Bandwagon, But! Uhm, Yo Miller, lay off the Santino to McLaren SP Koolaid! As that Smacks 'O Shades of somebody named Ed Jones and his brief foray at CGR!

Nonetheless, Ferrucci's now my newest Numero Uno IndyCar Driver!

As Well Done Santino! And nice job on your Car Rally and raising Funds for Charity...

As we know, the race was called on Lap-128 due to Lightning, which was totally the correct call, which I've experienced personally nearly a decade ago at my lone outing to Edmonton, where we also had to exit the Grandstands as Lightning encircled the racetrack during the 2010 event. As Yuhs Definitely Don't Fool with Mother Nature!

Thus enabling Will Power to keep his Streak of Winning at least One IndyCar event per Season Alive for 13yrs now, as the Aussie' Dryly Quipped to Kevin Lee, Rain Whatever when Kevin asked what type of Let It Rain Dance Moves he was doing to ensure victory.

As leave it to the good 'Ol Freaks' to have another entertaining, but insightful interview with Sunday's Pocono "429 Miles" IndyCar winner Will Power...