Monday, August 26, 2019

INDYCAR: Sato Emphatically Silences Critics!

As Devine Intervention or Ye Racing Gods have Spoken Once Again...

So I'll refrain from sayin' I had A Feeling 'bout Takuma Sato miraculously winning Saturday Nite', especially since I didn't bother Amblin' Down to thou local Lottery establishment for some tickets... But something inspired me to post some No Fenders Feel Good Mo-Jo' Taku-sans' way before the race...

As I started chanting Taku-Taku-Taku when he seemingly came outta Nowheres' to take the lead with some 40-plus laps remaining. Along with crossing multiple sets 'O fingers before Waking Up thou Neighbours with Whoops 'O Hilarious Joy! Then spending the remainder of the evening with a Goofy Smile upon my face as Takuma Sato totally vindicated himself with his fifth career IndyCar Win!

And continuing to think about the utter NONSENSE of Fans Racially Attacking Sato over doing his job simply makes me Sick towards my Country!

As that 'Ol classic Quip none other than from Saint Ayrton, Y'all know when Triple Formula 1 World Champion Senna says: "If you see a Gap and Don't Go For It, then You're No longer A Racing Driver!" Or something to that effect comes flooding back to Mwah. Since it seems fairly concrete now that Takuma never turned down on Rossi, but was just trying to follow "Dixie" (Scott Dixon) to the front of the pack like any racing driver would do.

Thus I eagerly awaited the Speed Freaks Show Sunday night, hoping they'd have Takuma on the Show, which they did! And it was a Super interview and Seriously? How could anybody truly Hate this Guy! As even the Freaks 5yr old Daughter is a Huge Fan of Takuma's!

Congrats Takuma!