Monday, August 12, 2019

AUTOS: Return of the Supercars?

Although how many of these will be seen upon thou Mulsanne Straight?

For Mwah, Mid-August always signifies what I'll forever cherish as the Monterey Historis
, typically held on California's coast over the third week of August. Having experienced this for the first time in thou Flesh a quarter of a century ago; Aye Karumba! Albeit it's now officially known as the Monterey Motorsports Reunion instead.

And with that Oh, so Clever Segway, how many of Yuhs have noticed the re-emergence of a few Hallowed Racing Car marques? For which at least one hopes to reappear at Circuit de la Sarthe sometime in the near future.

As Y'all presumably know about the FIA/ACO's new for the 2020-21 World Endurance Championship season's Hypercars Formula? for which as far as I know, only Toyota and Aston Martin have confirmed entries to date.

Although the current proprietor of Brabham Cars, Thee youngest son of the late Black Jack', aka Sir Jack Brabham, and brother of the lesser known Gary, and Four-time IMSA GTP Champion and Multi-times Indianapolis 500 competitor Geoff, hopes to soon return to Le Mans with his company's Brabham BT62 Supercar.

Whilst previously, F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward has mused over thou return of Lotus Cars with the unveiling of its latest Evija model. Pondering when Lotus will inevitably return to Formula 1? Since the marketing lure's simply too great to pass up.

Although perhaps the Anglo-Chinese marque will take the smaller first steps to utilizing racing as it's PR Platform by running it's evocative Evija upon the Mulsanne Straight in 2020/2021 instead?

Although subsequently having learned that this is Lotus's first All electric model, along with a curb weight of under the FIA Hypercar's 1,100 Kilos minimum, which would appear to give the Evija at least two Strikes in regards to running at Le Mans, El Correctomundo?

And lastly, although the creation of it's very first own Automobile is new, the name Pininfarina is certainly well known in super Car circles, primarily as the past long-time coach builder of Scuderia Ferrari's. With the Italian Automotive Design company, now oddly being owned by none other than Mahindra Group of India, with a controlling 76% interest.

Thus I suppose it makes sense that it's Debutante model is aptly named the Battista, honouring it's founder, the late Battista Pininfarina. Although I would ARSE-Sume' that EV Only powered chassis are Not eligible for inclusion in the newly created Hypercar format, especially due to their "Range Anxiety!"

Holy Lithium nickel magnesium Batteries, Batman!

OOPSADAISY! Think I'm getting those EV Supercars Cornfuzed' with some other all electric racing series called Formula E. Hence, we're All left Ah-waitin' for the Lame Duck 2019-20 WEC season to end. to see who'll join the party alongside Toyota & Aston Martin.

But Scuttlebutt suggest we're more likely to possibly see some form of Koenigsegg's latest supercar, boasting to be capable of an unthinkable 300mph; Gory Hell! Along with the likes of the McLaren Senna at Le Mans instead...