Thursday, August 22, 2019

Return of Ye Reclusive Scottish Speedwagon'

 But is It A Bird, Car or Band? And What am I Squakin' about?

Ahoy Mateys', just Shakin' off the latest remnants 'O Salt Spray from thoust Seas of Synchronicity here upon Thy Isle 'O Nofendersville...

Having just finished literally musing over how I find Thee Young Wicky's (Robert Wickens) predicament somewhat akin to whom I've returned to playfully calling Dario REO Speedwagon' Franchitti last week. As I'll refrain from my previous taunts 'O Dashley LePew!

Naturally I'd run across the Reuters article noting how Franchitti will make his return to the cockpit for the first time since his retirement in 2013 at this year's forthcoming Goodwood Revival, where he'll be "Slumming" in a 1960's era Ferrari 250 GT SWB and AC Cobra.

As what 'lil Nuggets of Astoundment will Kevin Lee enlighten us with this week at Gateway? Since first he broke the News of the Stork arriving at the Dixon's during Iowa's Rain Delay.

Then I heard him waxing on with Dario during Pocono's track inspection during Practice over his upcoming return to the cockpit...

Whiles I'll leave Y'all with a titillating song from that epic Rock Group REO Speedwagon, who began Thar career as R.E.O. speedwagon; Not to be Cornfuzed with the Automobile or Ranson E. Olds, or Your Father's Oldsmobile; Oh Never Mind!