Friday, August 16, 2019

Doggies' on The Big Screen, Long Pond and Kiwi' Orange Crush...

Robert Wickens #6 Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Dallara-Honda after exiting the Tech line at Indianapolis during last year's Bump Day festivities.(the Tomaso Collection)

Oh Geez', is this some more of Tomaso's Non Racin' Dribble? Guess Y'all will have to read on...

Presumably much Fanfare will be made outta this being the weekend of the One year Anniversary of Thee Young Wicky's, nee Robert Wickens Horrendous Accident at Pocono... Since that long ago Moniker bestowed upon Robby by Thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown during Thar formative Chump Carz' Atlantic Dazes' is firmly etched upon thou Cranium...

Thus it's a nice touch that Arrow McLaren Racing SP - As Vanna I wanna buy a Vowel! Or should it simply be AMR SP? Nah, that's too close to the current IndyCar Safety Team, Righto? Arrow MSP or Me Thinks I'll run with the nom de plume McLaren SP instead, a la McLaren "Special Performance;" Hya! Which kinda sounds like a catchy Spin-off of A1 Steak Sauce; But I Definitely Digress!

Uhm, as 'Ol Jeffie's Virtual Spotter would say, Stay focused Man, Outside, Outside, Clear...

Alas, I found it a very nice gesture, albeit how much is intended as good natured PR Spin? That the new Alphabet soup Brigade McLaren SP intends to Honour their previous commitment to have the team's No. 6 Dallara-Chevrolet IndyCar ready for whenever Wickens is able to return to the Cockpit.

As a year is a long-time for a Racing Driver to sit upon thou Sidelines, as I'm fairly certain that Robby wishes to return, but seriously? While I sincerely wish for him to make a full recovery, I cannot help but think of another Driver's rude ending to his stellar Hall of Fame IndyCar career and the symmetry of their respective plights.

Thinking how Wickens surely must face the same Demons of ever Strapping on an IndyCar a la Dario "REO Speedwagon" Franchitti, El Correctomundo?

Although the Coolest thingy' Robby's done in the past year surely had to be driving the specially "tweaked" (Hand Controls) Acura NSX for his honourary Pace-lap at this July's Toronto IndyCar race. As his Fiancé's words of Don't get so Close to the Walls In-car radio Quip was priceless

Whilst C'mon Jeffrey of O.L.D. Fame, Pocono's the One year Anniversary of your Blogging Sabbatical, and we Miss Yuhs dude here upon thou "Intra-woods..."

Meanwhile, once again perusing thou Car & Driver magazine via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service, I came across the News that finally, Dr. McDreamy', aka "Gentleman" Sports Car Driver and Team Owner Patrick Dempsey, who bought the Book's Movie rights 11yrs ago! Has finally made it to Thee Big Screen! Having been released Friday, August 9th, with none other than Kevin "Dancing with Wolves" Costner as lead Canine character Enzo's Voice-over Actor.

Or Y'all can read my eclectic, Twisties' multiple turns version of reading Messer Stein's Masterpiece, which I scribbled 'bout here on No Fenders a Gory five years ago in;

Close-up of Kiwi Bird on Nose of Lonestar JR's McLaren IndyCar at the IMS Museum, circa 2011. (The Tomaso Collection)
Lastly, as I briefly Howled over the fact that Ye Curmudgeon 'O Indy Cars actually acknowledged Bloggers in his latest rant upon Racer, that every Man, Dog, Pony and Oh Never Mind! Is currently enraptured over who'll be McLaren SP's two Drivers next year?

As Robin Miller names all of the current choices, i.e.; James Hinchcliffe, Colton Herta, Marcus Ericsson et Al. To the possibilities of Pato O'Ward? Conor Daly, Santino Ferruci, Oliver Askew or Rinus van Kalmthout, better known as VeeKay'.

Along with his current Odds for the various Drivers over this now rampant Silly Season conjecture, for which I'll let Robin do the requisite Heavy lifting...

Although I still think Hinch' won't return to Arrow SPM next year, and since ARSE-Sumedly he wants to drive for a team with a legitimate shot at winning races, the logical Honda choice would be a third car at Rahal Letterman Lanigan racing next year, unless thou Cheepster', nee Chip Ganassi does something Wild 'n Crazy? But who knows, Eh?

And that Don't even include the easy pickin', low hangin' fruit. As surely 'Ol Smarmy Fredrico Suave, aka Fred Alonso will firmly insert himself in the team's yearly third entry at Mother Speedway, where the team typically runs the #77. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it reverted back to the No. 66 at Indianapolis for marketing reasons a la this year's Dismal Indy 500 attempt...

(Photos c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')