Friday, June 8, 2018

Ferrucci Fandango'

Like didn't Y'all catch that New "Italian Guy" doin' the Dual in Detroit?

If that Rossi Chap in the Indy 500 was Italian, according to my "Handler" who led me to my first Airport Gate in Indianapolis following the race, then surely Santino Ferrucci's gotta be Italian, Righto?

Well actually, you may already know that the 20yr old Ferrucci, who made his IndyCar debut over the past weekend in Detroit actually hails from Woodbury, Connecticut.

Hmm? Pretty Cool Birthday present! Since Santino just became 20 on May 31st...

As apparently Santino's "Handlers;" Err Management thought it'd be a good idea for the current Trident Racing FIA Formula 2 Pilote' to try his hand in an IndyCar, ARSE-Sumedly with Herr Guenther's (Steiner) Blessing, since Ferrucci after all is a Haas F1 "Simulator Jockey;" Err Test/Reserve Driver.

As the funniest part of his whole IndyCar endeavour was hearing Rick O’Doulz' DeBruhl noting how when he'd been asked over the radio during the Saturday Belle Isle race if he was being held up by Seb? He immediately shot back, Yeah I'm FASTER than Him! Which is pretty astounding since we're talking 'bout le Hamburgular', nee SeaBass', aka four times Champ Car Champion Sebastian Bourdais, who currently ranks P6 for Overall Career victories with 37!

And Ferrucci's Baptism by Fire was certainly interesting, as he got rammed; Uhm clipped by good 'Ol Narly Pinball', aka Charlie Kimball in Race-1. And then Spun-out exiting the Pits in Race-2.

And whilst he hasn't exactly set the F2 Series alight, ranking 22nd Overall in his Debut Season last year. Although in his defense, he didn't make his F2 season debut until round 7-of-11 at the Hungaroring at the end of July.

But I enjoyed Santino's take upon driving a current Dallara/Honda IndyCar vs. his "Day Job's" Dallara/Mecachrome F2 Chassis in the article below...

Since if nothing else, he should be happy with the exposure this foray's given him, since I've even learned how to speel his name correctly...