Saturday, June 9, 2018

Liberty continues Fueling My Desires to Quit Watching Formula 1

As where's the Formula 1 on TV Now, Anybody? Chirp-Chirp; Crickets...

For Mwah, it's a really, really Sad State 'O Affairs I find the ABYSMAL Lack of Caring towards showing Formula 1 on Stateside Terrestrial TV these Days...

Along with how good it felt going Cold Turkey for nearly a month's time, since the last riveting Formula 1 television coverage I can recall watching was the Barcelona Hacked, Sliced 'N diced encore presentation Wayback on Mother's Day.

Now it's bad enough having to play Wackum-A-Mole each race weekend trying to Discover where the regurgitated and overly interrupted Sky Sports TV Show will be airing.

Is it on le Duesh? Uhm may be ESPN? ABC? NOPE! It simply AIN'T being shown...

You BASTARDOS Liberty Media!

So imagine my surprise after getting up early to watch what I simply ARSE-Sumed would be Qualie' this morning, since whenever I can locate the RETARDED 1hr 5mins timeslots, like this morning's 7:55-9AM Pacific on ESPN2, which All my Zapp2It' TV Guide said was F1 Racing...

I just sat Thar' overly bewildered, since good 'Ol Kroftie' and PDR', as think I need a PBR, nee Pabst Blue Ribbon right now; but I digress...

Just sat there and Bantered on totally casually, like they were talking about the weather, and never, ever mentioning who'd advanced to Qualifying Q2 or Q3 Shootout phases.

As I knew Somme-thun' was strange, since they wobbled on about Marcus ericsson and Lance Stroll, Huh? Since I don't know if the Swede's ever made the Top-10 Pole Shootout?

So imagine my surprise when David Kroft announced at the end of another butchered broadcast, We'll see you for Qualifying on Sky Sports; What The Fuck!

As imagine my total DISGUST! And now I'm sharing my Angst over the fact that there was NO Qualifying shown "Live" today on any of the Dizzying Shopping Networks channels; FUCKERS!

As I DON'T give a SHIT about College Baseball! But that was the Only air-time I could find after searching 'N searching for a ridiculous amount of time!

So I just Don't Get I-T! As I just paid my latest Cable TV Bill, to my local Money Grubbin', Capitalistic comca$t Affiliate, which naturally, they've just raised the price Again! Sneakily increasing thou Bill by another $1.13; JACKARSES!

As the Bill keeps going UP! But I get less programming choices and fewer 'N fewer channels...

As I only continue paying for Cable TV in order to watch Formula 1 and IndyCar races, as I cannot get FS2, the Velocity Channel or MAV TV on my service; URGH!

And I'm so very, very, tired of my favourite Grizzled F1 Journo' telling me to be positive and give Liberty time. Since All they've managed to do is RUIN Formula 1!

As I've been watching it for 31yrs now, ironically beginning with ESPN, when they actually sent Bob Varsha & David Hobbs to call the races On location Wayback in 1987!

So this Ain't my first Rodeo, but it feels like I'm simply counting the Days; Err seconds 'til I ride this Buckin' Bull to 10 and can let go 'N jump Off; Yeehaw! And it's my LAST ride!

As I'm definitely NOT making any plans to attend this year's USGP at the Circuit of The Americas!

Can You Hear Me Now Messer "Chevy Chase & Brickity Bratches!"