Friday, June 22, 2018

Racing towards The Clouds Silently

Volkswagen's all Electric Pikes Peak Hillclimb racer. (Image source:
Although it's too Bad that NO Major TV Channel covers the event...

When I think of the words Pikes Peak, I immediately think of the Unser's, for which it once was their own Playground. With "Uncle Bobby," B-I-G Al', and the rest of the Unser Clan winning multiple times when the road wasn't paved!

And then the Millen's name comes to mind, as ironically Factory Hot Schue' Romain Dumas  will be chasing Rhys Millen this weekend, who currently holds the All Electric record at 8:57.118 set in 2016.

As here's some more information on the purpose built VW Electric Racer set to tackle Pikes Peak this weekend...


But Don't Blink! Or you'll miss it, especially since Thar' won't be any TV Coverage Me Thinks...

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