Monday, June 25, 2018

A Worthy Cause'

Herbie, the Adorable Love Bug sits ready to Rock 'n Roll and G-O Racin' while on Display at the London Motor Museum during the Summer of 2016. (The Tomaso Collection)
Please take a moment to read this...

If you're an Avid IndyCar Fan, then you know that many of its current Drivers promote worthy causes and Charity's. As RHR, "The Dude!" aka Ryan Hunter-Reay races with the #28 in deference to the number of millions of people afflicted by Cancer each year. which his Mom Died from in the Fall of 2009, with her cancer diagnosis being the impetus for his Racing for Cancer concern.

And for multiple years, Pippa Mann yearly drove her Pink No. 63 IndyCar in the Indy 500 supporting the Susan B. Coleman Breast Cancer Foundation.

While Stefan Wilson has tirelessly campaigned for Organ Donors in support of his late brother Justin, and drove his No. 25 Driven2SaveLifes car this May in the Indy 500.

Along with the late Bryan Clauson also running this or similar sponsorship in the past, before his family started the Save 200 Organ Donor campaign. While Pippa entered this year's Indy 500 with Donate Life Indiana as her primary sponsor.

So what's my point you may be asking? Especially since there's so many worthy Charitable causes these days...

Well, although I've had one previous Family member affected by Cancer, that was several years ago. And like many persons, I typically do not think about it.

Even if I do worry every time I step outside to walk to thou local grocery store, or elsewhere in my neighborhood whilst being fumigated by a never ending concoction of Automobile tailpipes exhaust. Multiple noxious, nasty smelling 'N sounding Diesel Trucks, both pick-ups 'N Semi's, and Busses et al.

Thus naturally I was Shocked to learn that Claire, my personal Sherpa Guide to the 2008 Hockenheimring's German Grand Prix had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the beginning of this month, before having surgery on June 12th.

As Claire has also provided me multiple pictures posted on No Fenders over the years, including a plethora of photos taken at the London Motor Museum Wayback' in August, 2016. Which have previously been posted upon these pages during the months of February-March, 2017; specifically from Feb 21st to March 2nd.

Which you can find in the cavernous No Fenders Archives, by selecting the year 2017, and then the corresponding month  on the Right Hand Sidebar, underneath Followers...

Alas, like almost All whom are afflicted by Cancer, or other unwanted Surgery, Claire needs immediate Financial Help to Offset her currently being unable to Work, while she rehabilitates.

Therefore, if you're willing, and able to do so, I'd greatly appreciate whatever small amount you can Donate to her Go Fund Me page as a favour to your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso's tireless years of Blogging for your enjoyment.

While those of you with "Eyes Sharp as Rats!" Or Somme-thun' to that effect as 'Ol Hobbo', aka David Hobbs used to mutter to "Professor (Steve) Matchett" during their weekly F1 TV Broadcasts... will notice that Claire also goes by the "Handle" Panda sometimes, apparently due to her affinity for All things Pandas...

Please be aware due to Claire currently rehabbing from her Surgery, her website's basically "Under Construction" right now.

although Claire's just informed me that She's updated the Homepage and added the first few Videos to the Blog section, which you can select from the Tabs on top of page.

so please Check out her website for me...