Thursday, June 14, 2018

LE MANS: Attrition plagues long forgotten 2017 race

As guess this story's been stuck in the Garages 'O Nofendersville being repaired for quite awhile now...

In the immortal words of past great Mariners Announcer Dave Niehaus: "MY-OH-MY!" As time really does Fly By, Eh? As it's Back-Back-Back; Uhm, enough of the Baseball analogies...

AnyHoo, per Tipicali here on thou Isle of Nofendersville, I've totally skipped posting anythingy' upon the outcome of last year's epic Le Mans race, where once again the mighty Toy-Yoters' fell by the wayside; CRIKEYS!

Especially that most Bizzaro incident involving the No. 7 entry, when the Pole winner and Race leader "K-Squared" (Kamui Kobayashi) got Faked Out by an opposing Team's Driver to G-O! During a Safety Car period, when in fact he was just giving Kamui the "Thumbs Up." As the constant strain of Stop-Start-Stopping ultimately led to clutch failure.

Not to mention another cruel blow of a double retirement from its fleet of three cars derailing the Japanese Auto Giant's never ending thirst for its maiden victory at Circuit de la Sarthe, where they first  began competing at in 1985.

Although true to Thar' Word, as Toyota's indeed signed-up for the entire 2018-19 FIA World Endurance Championship's (WEC) "Super Season." They're returning with only two entries, as the only Factory Hybrid effort and therefore, just how much will victory resonate over the inferior non-hybrid Privateer runners?

Whilst I seem to recall more about the Corvette v Aston Martin Contretemps over the race's final laps, which ended in tears for Jordan Taylor, who cut a tyre while Bangin' Fenders whilst trying mightily to fend off Johnny Adam for the eventual GTE Pro Class Win by the #98 Aston Martin Vantage.

And then there was the even stranger incident involving the "Lucky" No. 13 Rebellion Racing LMP2 Prototype, which had suffered from engine starter maladies during the race. Which the team decided to unwisely drill a hole thru the rear Bodywork to speed up Pit-stops vs. removing the rear cowling completely.

Then adding insult to injury, the team was caught :Bear-handed" in Parc Ferme trying to illegally cover over the offending hole with some Bear-Bond, which ACO Officials saw them doing in plain sight; BUSTED!

As who knows what will happen in this year's epic 24 Heurs du Mans? Tune-in this June 16-17 if you're lucky enough to have the Velocity Channel on your Cable TV Service provider Stateside...