Friday, June 1, 2018

Belle Isle Barnstorming'

The iconic No. 6 Penske Trans Am Javelin. ARSE-Sumedly Mark Donohue's, on Display at the IMS Museum in 2016. (the Tomaso Collection)
As I'm most certain I won't be catching any of the Action from thou Beautiful Island this year...

Although perhaps it's a STIR-RETCH', the IndyCar race on Michigan's Belle Isle always makes me think of Detroit Iron, Flashing Back to them salad Days 'O SCCA Pro Racing Trans Am Thunder on the Bumpy Streets of Detroit. Therefore what better way to honour the "Motor City" then with a story 'bout a NASTY Javelin on Hellcat Steroids, Eh?

While I've previously regaled Y'all 'bout el Capitano's', nee Roger Penske's Collection having been on Display at the IMS Museum a few years ago in;

Whilst I've also serenaded Y'all with some of my past Belle Isle recollections previously in;

And lastly, I find it very interesting that Haas F1 "Simulator Jockey" and current F2 Driver Santino Ferrucci has inked a Dealio' with Dale Coyne Racing to run this weekend's two riveting Detroit Duels on Belle Isle, making me wonder if he's not expecting to progress any further up the Formula 1 Food Chain?

Especially since Romain Grosjean seems to be wilting under thou pressure of his Haas F1 team-mate Kevin Bacon' Magnussen clearly outperforming him this season. As I'm wondering if someone named Charles Leclerc will soon occupy his seat?

(Photo c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')