Friday, June 8, 2018

F1: Monotony, Madness or Sheer Brilliance in thee Principality?

As does it really matter what an aging Blogger thinks Anyways? And how many Stateside watched the Monaco Grand Prix?

Having spent an entire day traveling back westwards from "Circle City," nee Indianapolis to Warshington' on Tuesday following the race, seated next to a seven months old SCREAMING Baby Girl! Uhm, this AIN'T Duh "Friendly Skies," Y'all; but I digress...

Having been Sweatin' Away in Indianapolis and 100% ensconced in Indy Cars, and with none of the Hosers' from Up North Eh! Attending the Indy 500 this year, Thar' weren't NO impetus for tuning Dave's Telie' towards undoubtedly another ABYSMAL ESPN TV Broadcast of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Thus I had ZERO inkling over who'd won in thee Principality? Before finally, reluctantly deciding I'd better try finding out via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service late Tuesday evening.

And while F1 Grizzled Journo Joe Saward's prattled on 'N  on 'bout there being no such thing as Boring Formula 1 races... Nonetheless rightly or wrongly, I'd surmise that the only Driver in poundin' round Monte Carlo that Sunday who didn't find it to be a Snooze-fest was Danny Ric', aka Daniel Ricky' Ricciardo.

But what I found most Karmic, or ironic, was that arguably two of Memorial Day weekend's Biggest races had been swept by Aussies', albeit I didn't know that at the time whilst baking in the Sun during Will Power's victory lap, for which I totally delighted in his exuberance over having finally won the "big One!"

As I heard "DJ WillyP" say somewheres, think it was the cool-down lap? About how he could now say how nice it was hearing Fans previously say "You Suck!"

While reading thru the lines of Jeffie's One Lap Down race report, Power was heard screaming over the In-car radio upon crossing the stripe: "Show Me some Respect Mother Fuckers!"

And while I'd probably been quick to lament Monaco's race as Boring, I too now realize with some gentle prodding from Messer Saward that Ricciardo drove a Brilliant race, which actually was quite gripping due to his Power Unit problems costing him 25% engine power for over half distance!

As not only should ricciardo's drive bring memories of Herr Schumacher doing so summarily stuck in 5th gear for the majority of the 1994 Spanish Grand Prix, including Pit-stops, but masterfully finishing second Overall.

But it also makes me recall Fernando Alonso's masterful drive at San Marino where he kept Michael Schumacher's Ferrari bottled-up behind him the entire race en route to victory for le Reggie', much to my Disdain...

As Danny Ric's gotta be the Hottest Driver on the Formula 1 Grid right now, which means Red Bull's gonna need to either Show Him the Money! Or watch one of their two rivals scoop him up next year...