Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Racing Series Undercards Upset Main Title Bout

Although Nobody can See Formula 2 Stateside, and Sports Cars got Bumped to Tape Delayed status on Thy Telie', and seemed to be running even later than Advertised...

Reading For the Love of Indy recently, I chuckled at his fairly astute observation, that Nobody was Happy after the previous Tour de Force displays of Alexander Rossi and Lewis Hamilton at Road America and Circuit Paul Ricard respectively...

And I was so Dismayed over the total Disregards toward the Formula 1 race by the Sky sports Broadcasters; Err Presenters, mainly Messer Kroftie', aka David Kroft! Along with it presumably being another Uber Boring Race! That I decided initially to sit out this past weekend's perceived Austrian Snoozefest and just enjoy the sounds of Der Heindenmeier', nee John Hindhaugh calling Thee Six Hours 'O Watkins Glen Sports Car race instead.

But then unexpectedly, came news via Racer.com that my current Numero Uno IndyCar Driver Pato O'Ward would be contesting the Austrian weekend's rounds of the FIA Formula 2 race, making his F2 Debut for MP Motorsport, substituting for the Indian Mahaveer Raghunathan, who was facing a One Race Ban due to accumulating too many "Penalty" points upon his racing license.

Ironically, Pato's F2 team-mate was none other than Jordan King, who raced last year in Indy Cars for Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) Twisties' portion of the calendar, i.e.; Non-Oval races.

As O'Ward was initially 1.5-seconds off the pace, which he trimmed to a one second deficit in Qualifying. Whilst No idea about his apparent lack 'O race pace, albeit think I read he was on an alternate strategy? As Pato finished P20, last place during Saturday's Feature Race, before advancing to 14th Overall during the Sprint Race.

Sunday morning, I flitted 'bout Thy Bungalow by The Sea, listening to Messer Hindhaugh & Co. from Watkins Glen, approximately two-thirds of the race, and was Rootin' for the #55 Mazda to win ahead of its Seester' No. 77.

Although when I heard Shea Adam interviewing Harry Tincknell's team-mate JB', not Justin Bell; Hya! But Jonathan Bomarito.

Hmm? Guess I'd forgotten that my Boy Tristan Nunez, longtime Driver of the No. 55 had switched mounts this year to Thee Seester' #77, since I'd wanted him to be part of Mazda's historic first IMSA Sports Car Overall victory. Having been a Fan of Nunez's ever since learning 'bout him Wayback in thou Summer of 2012; Gory Hell!

Although I'm happy for Tincknell, since I seem to recall he threw away an almost certain victory while leading at Laguna Seca last year? So it was good to have him redeem himself, especially with his Mazda RT24's rear bodywork trying to dislodge itself the final 10-15+ minutes; Aye Karumba!

Then Florencian F1 Spotter Jeannie told me I needed to leave the Formula 1 race on for it's entirety, since she knew something Dramatic happened towards the end.

Holy Canned Commercials Batman!

Seriously le Duesh? (ESPN2) Going to your very first commercial break on Bloody Lap-2? And can we please tell the Mothers shoe polish Woman to QUIT Lying to Us? As NO Sister', Y'all Don't come back to exactly where we left off when you randomly interrupt our race broadcast!

Although I enjoyed Golden Child's Disappearing Act, with Lewis Hamilton finishing an unaccustomed fifth. I found it even more entertaining when Thee Boyz' forgot to bring the tyres with them when 'lil syd Viddle, aka Sebastian Vettel ducked into his Pits on short notice; OOPSADAISY!

Yet while it was definitely an interesting race, marveling over how I could Hear the partisan crowd erupting in rapture each time Thee Brat', aka Max Verstappen made a pass for one of the podium's three steps.

Nonetheless, I cannot say I was ecstatic when he Bang-Bang Maxwell silver Hammered his way into the lead on lap 69-of-71. Especially since the Niederlander' seemingly Drips with Arrogance!

Nor was I impressed with how petulant Charles Leclerc, whom I was Rootin' for to finally score his Debutante F1 W' sounded over his inevitable Demotion to runner-up!

As I'm conflicted, since I want to choose Leclerc as my new Numero Uno F1 Pilote, replacing Valtteri Bottas, whom seems like one of the sport's genuine Nice Guys!

Yet I cannot distinguish if the Monegasque runs Hot Blooded? Is another Angry Frenchman a la Romain Grosjean? Or what 'Ol Awntie' Harriet would call a Fat Head when it comes to his true personality? Or is it just his relatively youthful age? As I'm pretty certain Leclerc would have done the same thing to garner his maiden F1 victory to Max if the roles were reversed, El Correctomundo?

Although I feel pretty certain that Leclerc will indeed Finish-the-Dealio', and "Break his Duck" when he finally wins his first Grand Prix later this season...