Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Howling At Thee Moon - Tom Wolfe: 1931-2018

Sing it 'Ol Ozzie Osbourne, Uhm? Oh Yeah, Bark At The Moon...

So Y'all may be saying what's this Tom Wolfe Chap got to do with motor racing, Righto?

And I agree, it's definitely a STIR-RETCH, but; Thanxs to F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward's Dogged persistence to reference The Bonfire of Vanities over thou past several years upon his Blog. Hey Joe Knows F1, El Correctomundo? Along with promising Thyself I'd listen to that book one day, Viola, Shuhzamm!

With Messer Wolfe's passing last year, I finally lit thoust rocket engine and got my local library, Y'all know what those are, Righto? Along with the Uber friendly 'N helpful library assistant Kevin's help via Intra-library loan, I got this book that I'd previously refrained from on CD Audiobook format, Justin-time' for Hunka-Hunka Valentine's Day! And simply couldn't put it down once I began listening to it.

As Messer Wolfe, along with Hunter S. Thompson were known for their unique styles 'O writing. With both arguably being instrumental in written word prose...

Tom Wolfe, Novelist and Pioneer of New Journalism Dies at 88

And ironically it was another Wolfe acknowledgement by Astronaut Scott Kelly, then setting the record for longest Man in Space aboard the International Space Station, (ISS) when writing a letter from Space to the esteemed author, replete with copy of The Right Stuff in Orbit which once again got me thinking about Tom's Books.

Whilst Commander Cody; Err Kelly helps continue on another Astronaut tradition, by driving a Corvette Stingray naturally...

Meanwhile, as one of my current Taglines judiciously borrowed from 'Ol Arlo Guthrie, Y'all know: "We're just Waiting' for It to Come Back round..." Which is exactly what I'm still doing upon having requested The Right Stuff at the same time I requested Wolfe's Bonfire of The Vanities, not knowing which would arrive first? Before Kevin said he'd put in a request for the library to purchase a copy of The Right Stuff for Mwah, since it wasn't available - and sadly hasn't arrived yet, since doing so this past February.

Thus I'll just leave Y'all with another rendition of Messer Wolfe's accomplishments in the following obituary...

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