Monday, April 15, 2019

AUTOS: 2018 Rods 'N Rhodies Car Show - The Deluxe edition

No Fenders Hack' Tomaso poses with '41 Willys Jeep. (the Tomaso Collection)
Not sure what I was more excited 'bout? Finally having Spectrum Cable TV installed in order to watch the Portland IndyCar race, or attending my first Oregon Car Show in 4yrs...

Having moved to The Other Florence on the Oregon Coast last year, better known here in Nofendersville as Thee Utter' Florence! Not to be Cornfuzed with Italy; Hya!
Thought I'd finally roll out this Festerin' No Fenders Nugget. Did Somebody say Nuggets? A la what thoust Easter bunny will hopefully be soon sprinklin' about Nofendersville briefly. Thought I'd finally post this Fermenting story before mize fingers get sticky from eating some of those Cadbury Eggs...

Rods 'N Rhodies Car Show
Saturday, Sept 8, 2018
Oldtown - Florence, OR

My Florence Car Show "Handler" Colin picked me up around 2:15PM, so we were casually "late" to the Car Show, which turned out to be fine, since there were still plenty 'O vehicles to Gawk At. Although it was pretty much basically a wash for Mwah. Being perfect Car Show weather, 65deg-f, although the humidity was some 75%+, yet that Darn Blasted Bright thingy in the Sky made it virtually impossible for your Blind Word Hack' to see any of the vehicles in fine detail!

Cool Rides
  • 1941 Buick Hot Rod
  • (2) 1941 Willys Jeeps
  • 1941 Ford 2-door
  • 1969 AMC Javelin
  • 1968 El Camino
  • 1968 Mercury Cougar
  • 1969 Mustang Mach 1

Pretty sure the very first Rod' we laid "Eyes" upon was that nicely done '41 Buick Hot Rod,. Since I remember the owner telling me it had a 430cid Big Block Buick V-8 "Shoehorned" in it.

Then we briefly took in Doce' '41 Willys Jeeps, noting that I thought one was a Coupe?

But Was it that Javelin? Which I'm 86% certain of, since it was the first car that Really grabbed thou Attenzione, that I asked Colin to take a picture of it for Mwah. (The first of many...)

Especially since I've got a soft spot for AmX's & Javelin's, specifically since some Dude named "Captain America," nee Mark Donohue made 'em famous during the early 1970's in SCCA Trans Am racing with El Capitano', nee Roger Penske.

As this Cool Car' had a paint colour that changed hues in the light, beginning as purple and changing to black? Which immediately made me think of FOMoCo's Mystic paint colour of the early "Ought's." (2000's)

Although according to my maiden rods 'N Rhodies Car Show outing Wayback in Twenty fourteen, this BASF mystic paint colour was for the limited edition '96 Ford Mustang, with a scant 2,000 units produced.

Next we, Whale' Otay, Mwah - Spent considerable time Droolin' over one of my personal favourites, a RADD' 1969 black Mach 1 Ford Mustang. With me asking Colin several questions, in order to discern it was a  Big Block with a Shaker hood. ARSE-Sumedly a "Police Interceptor" 428cid V-8 lump? And 5-spokes "Magnum 500" wheels, plus Automatic transmission. Whilst think it also had the de riggour rear window "Slats."

Then we briefly stopped at another FoMoCo' (Ford Motor Company) product. a nicely done '68 Mercury Cougar with vinyl top. Think it was white with black vinyl top?

This Bad Arse '69 Javelin Definitely Grabbed thou Attenzione! (the Tomaso Collection)
Comedian du Jour'
Somewheres' past the '41 Ford, as we stopped to have Colin read me the next vehicles window info-card', while I stood attentively with White Cane in hand.

A man stopped alongside me and said, sure would be nice to rub some vehicles... Huh? Then he told us a story, or more likely Yarn straight out of that wonderful movie A Scent of A Woman.

He said he had a friend in the military who went Blind. They took real good care of him Disability-wise. In fact so good he was able to buy a Ferrari! Because he loved Cars and loved running his hands over them.

He enjoyed waxing his Ferrari once a week and then his Nephew would come over and take him to a parking lot to go Driving, telling him a little more to the left, more left. Slow Down, Now turn right...

Before he leaned closer to my ear and said he was just telling me a Story, before wishing me a Good Day; Blimey!

Bugger Off!

A silver Chevelle SS with its Hood up. (the Tomaso Collection)

More Cool Rides
Next, we sauntered past lotso '37's, mostly Chevrolets. A '33 Ford "Deuce" Coupe, (3 window) a 1955 Chevrolet 210 Station wagon. A 1974 Vega Kamback and a 1954 Bel Air. Or was it a '54 Bel Air Station wagon - Nomad?

ARSE-Sumedly I gravitated back towards the Vega Kamback', a fancy name for Station Wagon, due to its rarity, never "Seeing" one before. Not to mention Vega's place in Automotive History...

Quite a few PickemUp' (Pickup) trucks On-hand, mostly Pre-war.
A Somme-thun-ruther' Ute', replete with Koala bear doll inside it. think it was a "Feurd?" (Ford)

Multiple '41 Fords abound. One being a two door coupe pulling a matching "mini" trailer behind it which Colin sez' looked more like a Sidecar.

Then behind it was the owner sitting atop a patch 'O grass, at a picnic table with pop-up sun "umbrella" awning. Believe the car and trailer were orange, since Colin thought it was the colour of the man's shirt initially, before saying it wasn't.

A 1937 Chevrolet Cabriolet momentarily caught thou Attenzione.

And there were two Chevelle's we stopped at. The first being a 1964 SS, with the second being a '68 Baby Blue SS 396.

As Colin angled me towards a few final cars he thought I'd enjoy before Exiting "Stage Left." With Thee first being the Chevelle. Which was followed by a second 1969 Ford Mustang, albeit either semi or more likely, heavily modified...

Since Colin told me it's got racing stripes running down the hood, roof etc. Presumably a la Shelby GT Stripes. Along with telling me it said 427 on hood & front fenders? And then it's rear "Slats" were carbon fibre according to Colin.

Also Thar was a '67 Ford GTA, presumably a 390cid V-8? As it and the second '69 Stang' were both "Hunter" Green, a la that famous Bullitt paint colour.

After leaving, Colin notice another whole parking lot with more classic vehicles in it, with regular "Drivers" vehicles parked in the block in-between, asking why'd they do that? As we missed this portion entirely...

But I'd wanted to Exit Stage Left before the end of the show at 4PM, since there was to be a Cruise thru Oldtown beginning at 4:15PM and I just didn't want to be assaulted by the cacophony 'O multiple Hot Rodders wrapping Thar L-O-U-D Pedals! As they fired up there assorted vehicles; BRAPP-BRAPP-BURR-RAPP!

Now with visions "O Wagon Train's YO! Dancing in my head. Written in picture perfect description in Messer Wolff's Bonfire of The Vanities, which I finally read, after hearing F1 Grizzle Journo' Joe Saward wax on over thou years...

As my Talking Keychain clock said 4:10PM when we returned home to my new Bungalow by the Sea. And with thou windows opened, afterwards I heard one or two vintage snarling V-8 motors off in the distance Tackin' Up, lettin' Her Whine...

As Kudos to Colin for not only taking me to the Car Show, but patiently reading multiple Cars window placards and taking several pictures for Mwah...

(Photos c/o Florence No Fenders Photographer Colin)