Friday, April 26, 2019

F1: Baku performs own rendition of Keystone Coppers' at Team Willys' Expense!

Debris from George Russell's car explodes on the circuit after driving over a loose drain cover. (Image source:
Cue Thee George, George, George of The Jungle - Look out for that Footbridge theme music!

Awoke to the utterly Bizzaro News first via my NFB Newsline for The Blind's telephone service's London Telegraph Formula 1 Feed, denoting how George Russell in only his fourth Grands Prix had been the unlucky recipient of a loose Drain Hole cover which thoroughly Demolished his Team willy' F1 Chassis on the Streets of Baku!

But Wait! It gets even stranger yet, with Friday's (Free Practice) FP1 Session being Cancelled just some 12mins on, after the recovery "lorry" bringing the stricken Williams FW42 back to the garages inexplicably plowed into a Footbridge, as the vehicle's crane was too Tall; WHAMOE! For which then the crane dutifully began leaking hydraulic fluid over the Damaged Williams racecar; Tally Ho!

And that doesn't even include the Trackside Marshalls feebly trying to stamp said Derelict Drain Hole cover back into place!

Holy Dislodged Drain Hole Covers, Batman!

Meanwhile, it's really nice having Theodore, Not Lenny; Hya! Kravitz back in his rightful place patrolling Formula One's Pitlane. Where during FP2 Ted provided us with more Keystone Cops Antics, when the Track Marshals now using only "Low-boy" Flat-haulers to return stricken racecars, had one 'lil Problema!

Bringing Lance Stroll's tattered Racing Point RP19 back to the Pits after Stroll had clouted the wall. The  first Problema was that the Flat-hauler had NO Ability to remove the stricken racecar and needed to go search for a stationary crane! Which led to the Hauler's Driver taking the Racing Point chassis to an undisclosed location after the team had been instructed by Race Control to fetch Stroll's mount at the end of Pitlane...

And The Hits just Keep Ah-Comin'