Thursday, April 4, 2019

RETRO: Notorious Porsche and Ferrari Racecars land in Same Owner's Hands

This Porsche 935 K3 (Chassis 0010 020) was the twentieth and last K3 built by Kremer in 1981. The car first appeared at the 1981 Le Mans 24 Hours entered by Kremer Racing in the hands of Don and Bill Whittington and Ted Field. The car retired with engine failure on lap 57. (Image source:
As this noted Collector seemingly has a flair for automobiles with previous Checkered Pasts...

Like much of thoust story material gathered here upon thou Isle 'O Nofendersville, I was perusing the Car and Driver magazine's weekly selections via Thy NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service.

When ironically, as portions of NW Oregon were getting hammered by a late Monstrous Snowstorm February 25th, I was listening to the untold gems going on Display at the renown Peterson Automotive Museum in Sunny, Warm Californ-I-a'.

As the second precious automobile in the story that caught my Attenzione', tripping Thy No. 4 Wire - was the mention of a veritable Porsche 935 with a sordid history!

This car in Questione is none other than the 1979 Kremer Porsche 935 K3 which as many will know, won the prestigious 24 Heurs du Mans that very same year with Klaus Ludwig and Don & Bill Whittington at its controls.

I say sordid history, since this car was involved in a legal Tug 'O War which the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's then Hall of Fame Museum won outright in court, ultimately prevailing in legal custody of the Le Mans winning Porsche vs. Don Whittington claiming he'd only loaned the car to IMS.

Having had the good fortune, especially when I could still see the car somewhat, I viewed it on display at Mother Speedway's Hall of Fame museo' Wayback in the Autumn of Twenty-ten, when attending that year's MotoGP race at Indianapolis, as part of my Triple Centennial outings to Mother Speedway, circa 2009-11.

As I've actually seen three Le Mans 24H Winners at the IMS Museum over the years. Beginning with the 1966 Shelby American Ford GT 40 MkII, the '65 NART Ferrari 250LM and the Kremer Brothers Porsche 935 K3...

Thus I was surprised to read that the car is now owned by serious Car Collector and Co-Founder of the Peterson Automotive Museum's Bruce Meyer. For which I can only ascertain the car was sold "quietly" to Meyer sometime between 2011-13, unless I missed another Memo?

As Meyer reputedly made his Fortune by first building up the family's  business Gaery Beverly Hills  over 30yrs, before selling this business to devote his energies to his newest endeavour, his Meyer Pacific Real Estate Investment & Development company in the 1990's.

Bruce Meyer poses by his 1929 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre, which he rallied with the Louis Vuitton Classic. Photo by Mark Vaughn. (Image source:
Apparently Bruce has been an Avid RevHead' since his early Childhood years while growing up in California. Having ridden motorcycles clandestinely during College before caught in the act, which was frowned upon by his parents.

As Diehard Motor Racing Aficionados will know that the Whittington Brothers, Don, the eldest, and Bill were ultimately swept up as part of IMSA's cleverly renamed moniker Thee infamous "International Marijuana Smuggler's Association," which also ensnared '86 Indianapolis 500 Rookie Of the Year (ROY) Randy Lanier and the John Paul's, Sr. and Jnr behind Bars...

Whilst Dale Whittington was the youngest of the only Trio of Brothers to ever Qualify for the Indianapolis 500 IN 1982, albeit not completing a single lap in the race.

As Dale wasn't part of this Alleged Drug "Cartel," and hence didn't go to Jail like his older brothers did. Yet it's ironic that he was reputedly Co-owner of the Blue Thunder Racing Team with Randy Lanier...

Bruce Meyer's Testa Rossa was owned by Porsche dealer John von Neumann. Photo by Mark Vaughn. (Image source:
Yet it's Mr. Meyer's 1957 Ferrari 250 TRC Testa Rossa that's not only the Star of the Peterson Automotive Museum's Winning Numbers Exhibit, which Y'all can check out thru January, 2020. But presumably also his Numero Uno prized vehicle in his stellar collection!

Whilst ironically, it's the very same 2013 Autoweek article about his prized Ferrari racecar that notes the 935 K3 residing in his formable collection, which even includes a 1929 "Unlimited" Hydroplane powered by one of those Miller motors that once ruled Thee Brickyard!

And when having "My Gal" Lucy', my ARSE-STEAMED Screen Reader read me said article, Klaxon Bells began Blaring loudly when I heard the named Zwolsman mentioned as the previous owner of said prestigious Ferrari.

Hang on a My-nute', I know that name from thou Good 'Ol Chump Carz' Dazes! As I recall Charles Zwolsman, Jr. racing the entire '06 Champ Car World Series season for Eric Bachelart's Conquest Racing team.

As the Junior Zwolsman won the 2005 Toyota Atlantic Championship before graduating to Champ Cars, whilst his father was a Sports Car racer during the 1980's, before perishing behind Bars in 2011.

And apparently it's Hard to shake your Devious Ways, having noticed that one of those Whittington Felon's was once again headed back to the Slammer, albeit this time for Tax Evasion...

C'mon Glenn Frey, Sing It Dude...

"It's the Nature of the Business
It's the Smuggler's Blues
It's the lure of Easy Money
The Ultimate enticement
The Smuggler's Blues..."

Partial Song lyrics from: Glenn Frey
Song: Smuggler's Blues
Album: The Allnighter
Year: 1984