Thursday, April 11, 2019

Trio of Aspiring Racers turned Broadcasters

What's that 'Ol Saying 'bout making Lemonade outta...

Contrary to popular belief, your Racing Scribe Tomaso here on thoust Isle 'O Nofendersville Doesn't get paid per word, or for that matter, Uhm, what's that 'bout Brevity?

AnyHoo, I simply felt the previous Racing Nirvana tomes (Which Y'all can find in the No Fenders voluminous Archives, March 2019 Selection, on the Right Hand Sidebar of the No Fenders Homepage...) that included some of Johnny O's 'lil Gems was getting way too long, and therefore I didn't scribble the whole portion about his good Buddy Brian Till. Having just opined the following in: Racing Nirvana: The Clock Strikes Midnight, with another 14hrs of Motor Racing to G-O';

Yet O'Connell's always a Delight to listen to, as he's got a Zillion Crazy, Funny and Zany Stories! As I enjoyed his Quip 'bout Brian Till, who Johnny said "I Love the Guy!" Before telling 'bout how Brian once got so exasperated with his race engineer, (Who O'Connell also worked with) he said then why Don't you just have the Flippin' Computer Drive the Car! to which said Engineer Dryly retorted that the Rules Don't Allow It!

As IMSA Radio's lead announcer John Hindhaugh sardonically quipped Yuhs know Brian's gonna Hear this! Which caused Johnny to quickly reply he loves the guy. To which O'Connell added I Don't Know Why they Don't mention It more? Both Brian Till and Calvin Fish were excellent racers. Both winning Formula Atlantic Championships.

To which Jeremy Shaw chimed in that Fish pushed Ayrton Senna All the way to the (Formula Ford) FF1600 title. And if he'd waited just one year, would have been a multi-times F1 World Champion!

Although I only know briefly of fish's racing Stateside, most notably driving for Thee "Cat in The Hat," nee Jack Roush and his Bad Arse GTO Mustang's! (And Cougars) As I seem to recall Calvin drove with the likes 'O Dorsey Schroeder? And pretty certain he won GTO (Grand Touring Over) Class Honours at Sebring?

As it's always nice to know that Ye 'Ol Memorybanks are still functioning, Eh? Otay, so I had his Co-drivers mixed up, but like one of 'em said recently. It's hard to remember specifics 'bout a race 29 years ago! As Dorsey Schroeder and Max Jones were piloting the Seester' #11 Cougar...

As Fish did indeed win not only the 1990 IMSA Grand Touring Over (2.5-litres) "Saloon" category with Lyn St James and Robby DirtMann' Gourdoun (Gordon) aboard one of Roush Racing's NASTY Mercury XR7 Cougars!

But Calvin actually swept Florida's two Endurance rounds that year, having won the season opening Daytona 24hrs GTO Class driving that very same #15 Trucar Lincoln Mercury Cougar with the same Co-drivers as the aforementioned Sebring 12hrs W'.

Brian Till, the man firmly in Johnny 'O's Cross-hairs, is the only one of our trio to have raced in Thee B-I-G CARZ', nee Indy Cars, albeit in the rival CART series. A long with contesting the Indianapolis 500.

Till's "CV" included the aforementioned winning of the 1990 Formula Atlantic East Championship along with victory in the '91 Indy Lights Mid Ohio race, before graduating to the top rung 'O Championship auto Racing Teams. (CART)

Till drove for four predominantly "Backmarker" Minnowesqe' teams, beginning with the unheard of robco Racing, making their CART series debut with the underpowered Truesports 91C Customer chassis. Before stints with Turly Motorsports, Dale Coyne Racing and A.J. Foyt enterprises.

As Brian contested his lone Indy 500 race in 1994, driving for Dale Coyne, starting on the outside of Row 7, (21st) and finishing a respectable 12th.

Brian then ran a season in SCCA's Pro Racing Trans Am series, campaigning a Greg Pickett Racing Camaro to Ninth Overall, before becoming a Pitlane Reporter and now very creditable Broadcast Announcer.

The final aspiring Driver of this trio is well known as "The Viking!" aka Anders Krohn, who I've enjoyed primarily via the IMS Radio Network's Indy Lights and IndyCar Radio Broadcasts, that unfortunately I can NO longer listen too, Thanks IndyCar!

Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm supposed to Shut Up 'N Quit Whining over Indy Cars nebulous Access Denied 404 Error Message and Pay to "listen" on NBC Sports Gold Pass instead; SPEW!

But if you're Blind, then accessing this Site may be impossible, whilst some Blind people enjoy simply listening to Broadcasts instead!

Basically it sounds like Anders simply never had the requisite Dinero to enable him graduating to Indy Cars.

After Thee Nordski' came Stateside in 2008, he promptly won that year's F2000 Championship and graduated to the Star Mazda series the following year, winning at the Milwaukee Mile.

Anders contested a second Star Mazda campaign, finishing runner-up Overall to somebody named Conor Daly, who'll be competing in this year's Indianapolis 500 for Andretti autosport. He also made his Indy Lights debut at Watkins Glen over the 4th 'O July weekend.

For 2011, Anders contested the entire Lights season for Belardi Auto Racing. Then made a final two starts for Brian Herta Autosport the following season, including the Freedom 100, before ultimately running out of funds.

As I really enjoyed listening to Anders via's "Live" Timing & Scoring Webpage, which has been neutered this year in favour of Capitalistic Greed by the Powers to Be at Starship HC', aka Holman & Co. And Nary a Peep's been made 'bout where Yuhs can Hear Him now...