Monday, April 8, 2019

INDYCAR: Chasing the Television Broadcast

Since when did Indy Cars start doin' Triple Gainers, Whoops 'N Rhythm sections...

So a Funny Ha-Ha, NOT! Thing happened during this weekend's IndyCar TV Broadcast, which is a worrying trend for Mwah. As I typically check my Zap-2-It' TV Guide via my NFB Newsline for The Blind Telephone Service about a week out to learn preliminary when the next IndyCar and Formula 1 races will be airing on what's now Dubbed Linear TV.

As a Blind Motor Racing Aficionado, primarily Open Wheel Racing's Formula 1 and Indy Cars, I've known for a long, long time now I'm not the sport's typical Fan, who can SEE the Action On-track, or HELL! Now even on the Television Screen.

Which makes it even more imperative to be able to simply push the TV Remote's familiar buttons and Hear the Talkin' Headz calling thou races instead of having to Fumble, Bumble 'N Stumble with trying to click on Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weenie Multi-coloured Invisible Computer Screen Icons!

Or Heavens Forbid, have to try selecting a Colour Coded Miniscule Box in order to watch an "On Demand" Programme...

When originally checking NBC Sports Network's (NBCSN) TV Times, presumably more than a week out, my TV Guide said the typical, i.e.; Indy Cars Pre-race for the Alabama Grand Prix would be 30mins from 12:30-1PM Pacific before the Race Broadcast began, being Denoted as 2hrs followed by a 30mins Post-race show...

then it got weird! Suddenly those 4-Stroke 450 "Thumpers" Flying thru the Air, aka Supercross would be airing Sunday morning for 3hrs instead, pre-empting the IndyCar Pre-race, which would simply begin at 1PM Pacific instead. Apparently subtracting another 30mins of "Devoted" Television Time away from IndyCar TV Viewers; BASTARDOES!

Thus waiting for the Day's upcoming Qualie' session live on NBC Sports, which I can still obtain via my Telie', I finally decided for humour to look-up the AMA Supercross Schedule, since I know they typically race on Saturday Night's, Presumably to Not clash with some 'lil 'Ol Taxicab Bombers' Roundy-Round series...

And guess what? Gee Wally; Err Mark Miles! It's a Friggin' Replay! As the AMA Supercross race is actually being run Saturday Nite', beginning at 6PM Central Time - on April 6th at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hmm? And to think that Thee OLD-est IndyCar Blogger; Hya! Who Hails from Nashville chose to go to Alabama for an IndyCar race instead. What was he thinking?

For Humour I tried checking out a few of the other comca$t owned "Satellite" Stations; Err NBC Outposts, i.e.; CNBC and USA Network.

Hell, I even spent several minutes judiciously listening to my TV Guide's Channel line-up one station at-a-time, since I had NO Clue what channel MSNBC was? Oh, it's #32, a la Juncos Racing's fairly invisible mount, which I believe isn't racing at Thee Oh, So Bootyful' Barbers this weekend...

Thus I discerned the following riveting programmes for when the IndyCar Pre-race should have been airing. MSNBC had MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson on from 12-1PM, which sounded like a replay of the previous hour's show to Mwah.

USA Network was airing the movie Ant and CNBC  was reaping the profits of a 30mins Infomercial ironically about the rare 1870 Gold Coin!

As I had Zero Clue what they'd be saying about Sunday's Broadcast Times during Qualie' Saturday, but if Thee Voice of Indy Cars, Leigh Diffey tells us if's on the BLINKIN' NBC Sports App, I think I'm gonna BARF!

As Leigh Diffey simply said see You tomorrow at 4PM Eastern, when signing off...

Actually, NBCSN spent the entire Qualifying Show promoting the SHIT outta the upcoming Supercross race that was Airing live Saturday Nite at 5PM Pacific! Which means that Indy Cars Pre-race Show is getting bumped Out by a Freakin' Encore Presentation, Unbelievable!
Yeah, Mr. Miles, I know it's outta your Hands... And into your wallet, but Newsflash! I specifically made the effort to upgrade my Cable Television Service to ensure access to NBCSN! Along with fortunately All of ESPN's Sibling Channels in order to watch; Err listen to Formula 1 on Thy Telie', instead of playin' Pocket Pool with some lame ARSE Smartfone' Screen I CANNOT S-E-E; KAPISCHE!

Especially if your Freakin' Blind! As it's just a fleeting memory when I could actually SEE what the racecars looked like!

I mean it's Bad enough to get bumped by some live Stick 'N Ball Sports like Women's Golf, Curling; Oh Never Mind! But Seriously? Being Pre-empted by a Delayed TV Broadcast just Doesn't Cut It!


As knock this SHIT Off! You Don't have Any Fans to lose IndyCar! Or may be this Stupidness is why you registered a 0.38 Nielsen Rating for your Season Opener, Eh?

Then Strangely, as apparently some inner voice was tellin' Mwah to check again, I found Thyself checkin' the TV Times once more Sunday morning and was Bemused to find that now my TV Guide was saying that the race would be followed by a 1hr Post-race Show, WTF? As Seriously? You're gonna Prattle On for an hour after the race?

Although by my "Tokyo Rose" Talking Keychain, which is currently running a minute fast... The IndyCar race finished at 3:15PM Pacific, after I spent the majority of it with four sets 'O fingers crossed Yelling G-O TAKU! As it was Fantastic having Takuma Sato in the Winner's Circle Once Again! As Taku-San' Definitely put on A Driving Clinique at thou Barbers Sunday!

Whilst Boo-Hoo, Poor Colton Herta got Sheared at thou Barber's by Mechanical Maladies, which hopefully will put a Stop to the Herta Mania! Since I simply cannot understand why NBC Sports keeps Dribbling On 'N On over the young Herta?

While I found myself Yelling SHUT-UP Graham! You simply got Schooled by your Older Team-mate today!