Monday, January 31, 2011

Charles Zwolsman Sr. Dies whilst residing at Gray Bar Motel

Spotted this whilst searching BloggerLand for a different story; as Hang-on a ‘My-nute... I know that name, having previously scribble ‘bout Mr. Zwolsman Senior’s past brushes with the Authorities.

Zwolsman Sr. and the Law

Having witnessed his son Charlie Jr. race both in Toyota Atlantics and the Champ Car World Series at Portland International Raceway, I was unaware that it was the elder Zwolsman who was responsible for resurrecting ‘Heinz 57’s (Heinz-Harald Frentzen) motor racing career – by having him race for the Minnowesqe Euro Racing Team in the World Sports Car series, (WSC) hiring Frentzen to drive for him at Le Mans way back in 1992.

Hmm? I’d always thought it was Frentzen’s driving abilities as part of the Young Lions Mercedes Benz WSC prodigy’s, i.e.; DER TERMINATOR, (M. Schumacher) Karl Wendlinger & Frentzen that was Heinz 57’s claim to fame...

Zwolsman Sr dies in Dutch prison