Friday, January 21, 2011

Ducati Vroom...

(Operation Airlift Ducati; Source:

Ever wonder how they get those superb looking ‘DUC’s up to the top of the Ski Slopes? NOPE! The Doctor ‘Nor The Kentucky Kid rode them up there... Although I’ve just read that Formula One’s new rubber supplier Pirelli has indeed created a very special studded snow tyre for usage upon a Scuderia Ferrari F60 chassis – that no less than Maranello test driver Luca Badoer drove onto some frozen pond in the Italian Dolomites for his Swan Song performance...

Nope, by now you’ve figured it out – especially with the corresponding ‘Hellie pic above, eh? As it was recently time again for the Italian (“Vroom?”) Wrooom media event at Madonna di Campiglio, which interestingly, Uncle Bernaughty didn’t feel compelled to drop by this year; Hmm? Couldn’t have to do anything with a certain Grizzled Journo musing ‘bout wanting to ask Mr. E ‘bout some $50m gift to a currently incarcerated financier, eh?

(Rossi & Hayden; Source:

Although the event featured la Scuderia, it was here that Ducati Corse finally granted the media its first viewing of Valentino Rossi in his new Ducati garb – along with the first public viewing of Messer Rossi’s new Desmosedici GP11 ‘Scooter, along with Nickey Haydens ‘DUC for the upcoming MOTO GP season...

Pictures: Valentino Rossi’s Ducati Desmosedici GP11

Impressively, The Doctor not only showed up for the obligatory media schmoozing – but took part in the Ferrari-Ducati Intramural races in Go Karts ‘N FIAT 500’s, which I’ve read he did despite his just surgically repaired shoulder... As Ferdi-the Putz (Fernando Alonso) was victorious in both events, leading a 1-2 sweep in the Karts with his wingman Felipe Massa protecting his flank...

(Luca Badoer with F60 on ice; Source:

For a behind-the-scenes look at a bunch ‘O pictures (including close-up Pirelli ice tyre...) a certain Grand Prix journalist took whilst on assignment at some swanky Ski Chalet, you’ll want to check out Mr. Saward’s photographs in; A week in the mountains

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