Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vernay to Test for Conquest

Just got the memo this morning that reigning Indy Lights Champion J.K. Vernay will get his debutant run in a ‘BIG CAR - INDYCAR this upcoming Monday at Sebring with Conquest Racing...

Team Owner Eric Bachelart noted how his team’s philosophy is towards giving rising Starz their break in the Big Boyz ‘O IndyCar racing and he’s looking forward to seeing what the talented Frenchman can do.

Jean Karl was recently on Autosport Radio along with Jay “Funnyman” Howard – and the two Open Wheel Racing driver’s personalities couldn’t have been more different. As perhaps I’m reading too much into this, Err hearing a tad bit too much? As the Englishman Howard seemed very uptight, tired, and contrite – almost like a driver who knows his time is running out to make his mark?

On the opposite side of the coin, Vernay came off quite bubbly, confident and enthusiastic to Mwah – most likely since he’d just sealed the deal with Bachelart for his upcoming trial in Conquest’s Dallara/Honda, eh? Although playfully telling Don Kay he’d switched his flight back home to France just to be on his ‘lil radio show. He also coyly noted he’d just been talking with some Indy Car Series Team Bosses...

Howard mentioned how he’d spent over a year and a half to set-up the Central Services Tyre deal, just to see it go south with somebody named Rahal – saying you’re trying to wind-me-up Don... While Vernay’s got a small amount ‘O Dinero courtesy of the Mazda folks for winning the Lights title to use as a Downpayment for graduating into the Big Boyz ranks, which I think he’d be a perfect compliment alongside Bertrand ‘Uhm-Uhm Fresh” Baguette. Did somebody say Sandwiches... HELL! Vernay surely would do way better than that Francisco Draconie dude, right?