Monday, January 24, 2011

Coffee, Tea or; Sir Richard?

DON’T know why I find this so humorous – as I’m certainly happy that the loser will be fulfilling his end of the bet. As perhaps you recall that Billionaire Airline Owner Sir Richard Branson put forth the wager against rival Formula 1 Team Boss Tony Fernandes – that whoever’s Team finished worse in the standings could work as a Stewardess for the day on the rivals Airline...

Richard Branson:
“He has an airline, we have an airline, and if we beat him he can come and work on one of our airlines as a Virgin stewardess"

Yet, Mr. Fernandes seemed at least to have the upper hand over the two Aero-liner Executives wager; as recall – Virgin showed up to the dance with too small fuel tanks aboard their debutant racecar.

Tony Fernandes:
“It’s time for Richard to start preparing himself for some hard work and the likely pain of a pair of high heels.”

And whilst Stewardess Branson will carry out his duties upon a long haul Air Asia flight from London to Kuala Lumpur - at least the tickets proceeds will be donated to a charity of Richard’s choice...

Sir Richard Branson to serve as female flight attendant on Air Asia X flight after he loses bet