Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HVM to run Glow-in-Dark Colours for next 3-years

So, I’m probably the only ‘Juan who’s gonna spout off ‘bout this – but I haveda say I’m majorly BUMMED over who HVM Racing has secured to sponsor Simona-Simona for the next three years...

Now DON’T get me wrong, as I’m glad to hear that Simona de Silvestro & HVM Racing’s future looks bright, albeit a tad bit too BRIGHT for Mwah! Since although I wasn’t invited to the Party, (INDYCAR Teleconference...) nevertheless I’ve discovered it’s all over BloggerLand who Simona’s new sponsor is, as in the form of Nuclear energy, with a three year deal having been consummated with Entergy Nuclear.

And I have a very B-I-G problema with this, since the MOST POLLUTED Nuclear Weapons facility in the nation just happens to lie in my backyard, a.k.a. Hanford Nuclear Reservation – where currently two-thirds of the nations nuclear refuge resides; with a staggering 53-million gallons of high grade radioactive waste seeping into the ground!

Oh, and by the way; ahem – Hanford was run by a company named GE from 1946-65... Uhm? Aren’t those the people who bring good things to life? (And do NOT even get me started ‘bout the Comcast TAKEOVER, Err merger of the General Electric owned NBC television dealio...) Or perhaps we should ask the Eastern Washington residents whom resided downwind of the Plutonium producing facility, eh? As has anybody ever heard of the Downwinders and their abnormally large case of Thyroid cancer?

More Hanford downwinder claims will go to trial

And since the No. 78 HVM Racing IndyCar will go under the moniker of the Nuclear Clean Air Energy car. – I’d just like to know: Has anybody thought about how long nuclear waste remains radioactive?

As I’m curious how close Baltimore is to some place called Three Mile Island...

Hanford’s B Reactor: A tour of the world’s most toxic nuclear site