Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Dakar Notes: Stage-2

And speaking ‘O Princess; Gee Wally! Lookee ‘Dar – somebody’s already PEAK-ing... And the racing season’s barely begun; YIKES!
As I sat down to watch the late night airing of Dakar – would you be shocked if I told Yuhs the very first commercial outta the chute was DannaWho?

Meanwhile two of the four ‘Yanks: Mark Miller & Robby Gordon certainly look like they’ve PEAKED in this year’s Dakar, as Miller became the first major catastrophe when he managed to roll-over his VW Race Touareg 3 on another slithery day’s outing, dropping some 40+ minutes behind.

How Many FIAT’s does it take to Move a Hummer?
(Whale certainly MORE than One...)

As this was the $64,000 question Robby Gordon was dying to find out the answer too – after apparently having missed a turn and subsequently HIT a rock and then became High-centered, Err stranded on the Isle... As a local in a FIAT tried to push Gordon’s SPEED-energy Drinks HumDinger off of its precarious perch to NO avail!

According to Gernot Bauer, the No. 303 Hummer ended up being stuck for 1hr (plus?) while Robby’s Navigator got food poisoning - reportedly throwing-up 5-times in the truck; Aye Karumba! DON'T even wanna think 'bout how 'Juan throws up with a full face helmet on, eh?