Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lotus Continuing to Double down – as Chapman’s change their Bet from Green to Black

Although I have long tired over the STUPIDITY of this situation... Nevertheless I remain curious to see if these two warring entities can reach some sort of amicable settlement or if Goliath will just continue to try crushing David instead...

As now it has been spewed all over thee internets how the Chapman family has decided to enter the fray upon the continuing pursuit of Group Lotuses attempts to SMOTHER Tony Fernandes and his Team Lotus 2.0 racing team.

So I can see the Chapman family’s desires to leave the Team Lotus moniker on the sidelines and not return to active racing in Formula 1 – which seemed to be Mr. Fernandes’s intentions, until Group Lotus irrevocably broke his licensing agreement to compete in F1 as Lotus Racing – pulling the plug after just one scant year of the five year contract had run its course. Could this have had something to do with ex-Ferrari-man Dany Bahar’s bold ambitions to remake the Lotus Car brand’s image with a rival Grand Prix team that currently goes under the guise of Lotus-Renault GP... Which may or may not be owned by Gee-whiz, Err Gee-rard Lopez & his Genii Capitol investment firm, the Renault Car Company and Group Lotus under the stewardship of Proton, the Malaysian Government owned Auto manufacturer... (Uhm? I’m getting TIRED just typin’ ALL of this; Hya!)

Lotus-Lotus On the Wall...

Yet, as I’ve mentioned previously, Messer Fernandes seems to have gone about his Formula One Team’s construction correctly every step of the way – and I’d assume that Group Lotus has pushed him into the position of going back upon his word to the Chapman family?

While perhaps I’m reading too much into this; but? Why hasn’t more noise been made over the report noting the deal between Group Lotus and the Chapman family – in which Proton has sweetened the pot by promising to build a museum - Heritage centre to house the Team Lotus Classic collection, eh?

While I agree that it seems like some sort of hoodwinking is going on by putting out a press release on December 23rd; two days before Christmas and a Thursday afternoon to boot... As surely everyone’s focusing upon the latest F1 News, right? But could this have been an off-handed way of the Chapman’s honouring their new-found commitments to Proton in exchange for a new building to house some of Colin’s old relics instead?

Adam Cooper:
“Clive Chapman did however mention that Group Lotus’s ambitious plans included a museum, or ‘heritage centre’ at Hethel, which would become a home for the fabulous Classic Team Lotus collection which he curates – something that Fernandes clearly could not offer.”

Chapman family backs Group Lotus