Monday, October 1, 2018

No Fenders Sheds its Summer Skin

A Gleeful Tomaso primps for thou Camera on Legends Day at Carpets Manor this May in Indianapolis. (
(the Tomaso Collection)
And begins growing a new one, for the forthcoming winter and thou months ahead...

Not that anybody cares, but Y'all know the Drill here on thou Isle 'O Nofendersville... As I've repeatedly noted. As Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen sez', It's my Blog and I can Bloody Well write about Whatever I Want to!

"As sun goes down
On the western shore
The wind blows hard from the east
It whips the sand into a flying spindrift

As the sun goes down
On the western shore
It makes me feel uneasy
In the hot dry rasp of the devil winds
Who cares what a fool believes
(And) What am I supposed to say?"

Although Rush's Natural Science opening lyrics by The Rhythm Professor Neil Peart would have also been appropriate. Yuhs know, talking 'bout how All the busy little Creatures swimming in their Tidal Pools soon Forget about the Sea...

And in the immortal words 'O Indy Cars OLD-est' Blogger Geo. Phillips of Oilpressure Fame, who Doesn't like Change! Or paraphrasing "Change is Bad!" Your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso has been undergoing a Mega' lifestyle Change over the past several months after finally, reluctantly leaving the tranquil confines 'O Tomaso Manor after nearly 21yrs residence!

Not to mention leaving the only State I've ever lived in, the Evergreen State, nee Washington. Along with residing in the Jet City or the Emerald City, aka Seattle, WA for a totally different experience in the sleepy confines of the "Other Florence" on Oregon's coast.

And that's for someone who as Blogmeister Miguel sez', He Doesn't Know Anyone who HATES Change more than me! As Bloody Hell, I do NOT even like changing toothpaste brands, Bugger!

While once again the Seas of Synchronicity splash upon thou Nofendersville Shore, since shortly after I began typing this, I read George's Better Half's, aka Mrs. Oilpressure, nee Susan Phillips rant about her Summer of Hell regarding their own moving adventure. So how can I really improve upon my own story vs. Susan's?

Nevertheless, during this Dramatic "Sea" (C) Change," I've been basically Not Blogging since the end of July, albeit having heard the siren song of thoust Keyboard and initially posting one quick, new story about my enjoyable outing to visit the Indians Canoes at Dash Point, along with enjoying Protocol at Chief Leshi High School in Puyallup and meeting renown Boat Builder Gin Ishikawa.

Having spent the previous summer's months of June  and the beginning 'O July poondin' relentlessly upon Thy Keyboard in order to post a Gynormous' cache 'O Canned Blog stories for your reading enjoyment whilst busy moving; but I digress...

"Pause Rewind Replay,
Warm Memory Chip
Random Sample
Hold the One you Need

An Ounce of Perception
A Pound of Obscure

Signals get crossed
And the Balance Distorted..."

As it's actually been very therapeutic to step away from thou Keyboard, in a strange way of recharging Thy Batteries. And although my previous No Fenders material wasn't devoted to current events, Y'all may notice I tend to Roll this way AnyHoo, since I simply cannot type fast enough anymore, when able to see the Confuzer Screen.

Thus Hopefully, I'm now somewhat? Settled in my new Bungalow near the sea; Err Pacific Ocean and about to Cast Off on a new Adventure Mateys!

As it's somewhat Karmic that one of the few CD Audiobooks I listened to whilst in a "Holding Pattern" in Tacoma - when some 29yr old Mechanic "Stole" a Horizon Air Q400 Turboprop was aptly named The Navigator by Clive Cussler, who I hadn't read any of his material for a long time now.

Alas, hopefully, finally settle down after moving in and then resume typing madly away to bring Y'all more riveting BLOB' Stories as thou late Awntie' Harriet called 'em...

As I Sit Down by the Sea to relive Thy life for thou rest of Thy Years...

Listening to 'Ol "Bongo Head" (Phil Collins) croonin' away on that classic Genesis Hit Song some 11mins plus long originally from 1983; Crikeys Mates!

Partial Song lyrics from: RUSh
("The Unofficial No Fenders House Band")
Song: Spindrift
Album: Snakes and Arrows
Year: 2007

Song: Vital Signs
Album: Moving Pictures
Year: 1981

(Photo c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')