Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Still Playing Ketsup' from my summer's Blogging Sabbatical

View overlooking the Pacific Ocean from Fort Casey during a Winter 2016 Camping trip. (The Tomaso Collection)
Although I wasn't on Holiday, per sei...

Per Tipicali here on thou Nofendersville Isle, I wanted to scribble my thoughts upon the past Pocono 500 IndyCar race prior to posting this.

As previously mentioned, your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso has been experiencing the most Chaotic Summer thoust can recall in several years, after having reluctantly decided to Change, i.e.; Moving, YUCK!

thus, first whilst scouting for a new residence way north in Bellingham, WA over the weekend of the Toronto IndyCar race. Then having my television packed the morning of the Mid Ohio race, it's been slim pickings for Mwah - Before finally re-establishing Cable TV Connectivity the week prior to the Grand Prix of Portland; HURRAH!

The last IndyCar race I watched on Thy Telie' was the Iowa Corn 300 Wayback on July 8th; CRIKEYS!

Before originally having planned attending my second IndyCar race of the season, ironically now in my Home State of Oregon, at what's been denoted as my Hometrack for years here upon No Fenders.

Yet as I've previously divulged, I elected to not attend the Grand Prix of Portland this year for personal reasons centered round the Chaos of moving...

Whilst the last motor race I watched; Err listened to - Prior to resuming exactly where I'd left off at, the Italian Grand Prix... Was this year's German Grand Prix. Which unfortunately someone who'll remain nameless, who's never sent me the results before... Decided to email me the news that Lewis Hamilton had won; SHEISA!

Having mistakenly opened my email that Sunday morning, Especially since I was awaiting the Day's Pathetic le Duesh' Formula 1 race replay at 5PM that evening, for which I was less than impressed when Golden Child won the Hockenheim event; BOO!

Although 'lil Sid Viddle', nee Seb Vettel's gotta be mightily embarrassed about crashing out of his Home Grand Prix, Ja Volt!

As the Biggest "Shock" has to be Danny Rics' decision to leave Red Bull in favour of Renault next year, for which I can totally understand Ricciardo's decision. Since obviously Red Bull wasn't willing to pay him accordingly, not to mention keeping him as their No. 2 Driver. so Good On Yuhs Mate! As Bloody Well Done for A Number Two Driver!

Can Yuhs Hear Me Now Christian?

While the other major F1 News had to be the fate compli of Force India going into Administration, fortunately being saved by a new group of Investors headed by Lawrence Stroll, which surely will lead to his son Lance joining the fold next season.

Although for Mwah, the most intriguing name of this new investor group is a one Mr. John McCaw, Jr. who surely is associated with the McCaw Family, Righto? Since after all some McCaw dude named Bruce once owned an IndyCar Team called PacWest Racing.

For which I'm pretty certain I read awhile ago; Err "My Gal" Lucy', My ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader read Grizzled F1 Journo' Joe Saward, 'Cause Joe Knows F1! Uhm, Joe mentioned that John McCaw, Jr. is Bruce's Brother... 

Next came Fernando Alonso's long anticipated announcement of his impending "Retirement" from Formula 1, since right now, in the immortal words of 'Ol PT', nee Mr. Chrome Horn, aka Paul Tracy, the McLaren's currently a Crapwagon, Ya Sure Yuh Betcha!

As the IndyCar world waits with Baited Breath, in Hopes that Fernando will decide to contest the entire 2019 IndyCar Season, which would be Awesome if he decides to do so...

With two of his current F1 Midfield protagonists being very happy that the Spaniard's leaving Formula 1. Especially the always Forthright, Outspoken Dane' Kevin "Bacon" Magnussen, who's less than impressed with Fernando's On-track antics...

Whilst lastly, and Sadly, Monsieur Todt has decided to Prattle On once again about leaving The Schumacher's Alone. As seriously Dude? Michael's still Busy Asleep At The Wheel! So be Berry', Berry', Quiet...

As that's just some of the "Major" stories that caught My Attenzione whilst on Sabbatical in Tacoma. Before returning to thou Keyboard fully after setting up shop in sleepy 'lil Florence...

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