Monday, October 1, 2018

ESPN Flushing F1 Down it's Drain?

Ah Contraire Mr. Tomaso, Walt Disney really, really LUVS' Formula 1...

Otay, I just couldn't resist, as Once Again, le Duesh', nee ESPN2 rears its Ugly Head! As wasn't that F1 "Encore Presentation" supposed to begin exactly right where it left off Sister?

Uhm, I meant it's bad enough having to spend the entire day in a virtual News Blackout in order to NOT Discover the Grands Prix results.

But Seriously? What The Foobar! As Nine 'O Clock Pacific came 'N went with the Blathering, Slobbering Stick 'N Ball Sports Talking Heads Droning On and On Ad Nausea 'bout Uhm?

As a quick check of the Day's previous 8hrs preceding the announced rebroadcast time shows two hour long Drone Racing League shows, followed by an hour of Sportscenter. Followed by several hours 'O Poker at Night; Err World Championship Poker followed by another hour's riveting worth of Sportscenter; BARF!

So imagine thou DISGUST when 9PM came 'N went; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller? Where's the Freakin' F1 BASTARDOS! As the Russian Grand Prix replay didn't begin until Bloody 9:11PM - WTF! Rodger That?

Hmm? Perhaps this was due to good 'Ol Vladimir's KGB Pals Scrambling' the signals? Nyet!

As I'd say the race was as Awkward as the LAME ARSE bungling by ESPN2 Eh? Although it certainly stirred up plenty 'O Controversy; Uhm? Shaken, Not Stirred Righto?