Saturday, October 13, 2018

IMSA: Late Season Bits 'N bobs'

Will the Meyer Shank Racing #86 Acura NSX GT3 be victorious at Road Atlanta this year? (Image source:
Just a few quick Jots' as F1 Grizzled Journo Joe Saward calls 'em, about some final season's News tidbits I've gleamed over the past month's time  since the Laguna Seca Donnybrook..

As I'll try to not Bang on too much further 'bout moving, but it's pretty funny how I was more excited about attempting to listen to my favourite Sports Car Announcer John Hindhaugh via Zed Internetz' vs. another Over Commercialized TV Broadcast. Whom I enjoy calling Der Heindenmeir' for his Uber enjoyable Exuberance when calling motor races!

As this was funny to Mwah since I pay a fair amount monthly for Cable TV which I pretty much Don't even turn on except for weekend Open Wheel Races, i.e.; Formula 1 and IndyCar. Which I thought how having Fox Sports FS-1 Channel available once again as my Backup source was funny, Ha-Ha!

As I like Greg Kramer and Calvin Fish, but if I'm gonna just stare at the Suns bright-spot covering my Telie' for 3hrs, which pretty much these days just serves as a receiver for Mwah, since I'm Blind, Righto Mary Ellen? Then I'd rather listen to Hindhaugh instead!

Yet the 2hr 40mins Laguna Seca "Sprint" race didn't exactly get off on the right foot. As Thar was a multi-car pileup as the Green flag was waved, negating the races start.

With this first Yellow Flag lasting 14mins duration to clear the abundance 'O carbon fibre chunks 'N shards littering the track!

Whilst the second attempt to begin the race was followed by an even longer second yellow, as Hindhaugh ruefully decried how nice it was to finally g-O racing with two hours and eight and one-half minutes remaining, by saying HURRAH! When the field had finally managed to complete one full lap after a nearly 35mins caution period; YIKES!

And instead of trying to recap this Madcap race's Zaniness! As I felt somewhat Drained at the races conclusion, which had action all the way to the chequered flag being thrown. I'll let one of the "Professionals" do the Heavy lifting instead...

While Y'all may enjoy this la Tipicali Speed Freaks interview with the races eventual Overall Winners, which I found entertaining 'N refreshing as ever vs. the normal Cookie cutter Post-race interviews - where the Drivers Always Thank Duh Fans...

Am totally Rootin' for Thy Leggy Juan', aka Katherine Legge and Co-Driver Alvaro Parente to come from behind this weekend and snatch the GTD (Daytona( Class Championship away from the No. 48 Paul Miller Racing's Lamborghini duo.

Having "Turned On" the IMSA Radio Internetz' Broadcast some five-plus minutes before the race was to begin, I heard Jeremy Shaw giving the entire grids starting position rundown. As I'm positive I heard him say that Patrick Dempsey, nee the former Dr. McDreamy was starting the No. 73 Park Place Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3R, Huh?

Presumably he meant Patrick Lindsey, whom I'm 86% certain started the race instead...

Shaw also noted that (Townsend) T-Bell' was at the controls of the #64 Scuderia Corsa's second Ferrari 488 GT3 racecar for the race's start. Since after all Laguna Seca is one of his Hometracks, being a Californian native.

Jeremy then mentioned how Katherine (Legge) had claimed her first Pole position since a long forgotten 2002 Formula Renault 2.0 UK Championship race at Oulton Park, which had some Cat named Lewis Hamilton in the field!

Although apparently Legge, who drove for Fortec Motorsports only contested the season's first four rounds.

While a few other recognizable names to Mwah from that year's Championship were Alex "Pink" Lloyd, Ernesto Jose "EJ What? Me Worry!" Viso, Susie Stoddart, better known today as Susie Wolff, as in Toto Wolff's "Better Half!" And Porsche Sports Car Ace Patrick Long...

Also believe Shaw noted the #86 Michael Shank Racing (Yeah, I know it's Meyer Shank Racing now, but I still think of it as Michael Shank's outfit instead...) Acura NSX pair had vaulted from a 13-point deficit to just six markers back on the strength of their excellent Laguna Seca weekend, where Parente brought the car home P1 in class vs. Brad Sellars in a dejected fourth place in the class leading #48 Lamborghini Huracán GT3.

As Parente made the pass for the win with just a scant five and-a-half minutes remaining in the event over the No. 73 Park Place Motorsports Porsche, which was gambling on fuel & tyre strategy.

Quip of The Day from Der Heindenmeir' had to be noting how Montoya would simply claim his radio malfunctioned... As JPM and Penske team-mate Ricky Taylor went Hammer 'N Thongs'; Err Tongs, wheel-bangin' each other over then third place. As Ricky Taylor initially won the war, but then with just some four minutes left in the race, he was forced to retire with a damaged rear suspension!

Meanwhile, the points gap is even closer for the B-I-G BOYZ' as my late Awntie' Harriet enjoyed calling 'em. As it'll be another upset if Colin Brown and John Bennett can pull a Wabbit Outta Thar Hats and Steal the Prototypes Championship at Road Atlanta. Especially since IMSA seems nervous over an "Interloper" Euro-spec LMP2 competitor Crashing their Manufacturers biased Championship.

As Colin Brown took over the controls from Bennett, after the No. 54 Cor Autosports had reverted to their normal procedure of dropping to the back of the grid for switching lead drivers. As Brown brought their Oreca 07 Gibson powered normally aspirated 4.2-litre V-8 lump home runner-up at Laguna Seca, cutting their deficit to the class leading #31 Welland Engineering Cadillac VR to a scant 4-points! (254-250)

ARSE-Sumin' that the Usual IndyCar Interlopers will be on hand, with Graham Rahal and Simon Pagenaud at Acura Team Penske. While NO idea if RHR "The Dude," aka Ryan Hunter-Reay will be Moonlighting for Wayne Taylor Racing? Ditto for Spencer Pigot at Mazda Team Joest?

While I'd guess that Scotty thee "Iceman 2.0" Dixon and le Hamburgular', nee Sealmeister B', aka Sebastain Bourdais will be piloting Cheeps' (Chip Ganassi) Ford GT's in the GT Le Mans class.

After putting this story to "Bed," I've subsequently learned that IndyCar Driver Gabby Chaves, who's apparently been kicked Kerbside' for the second time will Moonlight for Action Express Racing, in the No. 31 Caddy', which is hoping to secure its second Prototype's Championship.

While Spencer Pigot will indeed co-drive the No. 55 Mazda RT24P Prototype alongside regular Chauffer Jonathan Bomarito, with Marino Franchitti substituting for Harry Tincknell, who's busy with his World Endurance Championship (WEC) duties.

Meanwhile, the No. 10 Wayne Taylor Racing Caddy's only got it's two regular Drivers listed, with no mention of "The dude," aka Ryan Hunter-Reay. As apparently they're going against the accepted protocol of having three Drivers behind the wheel...